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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Uninvited
  • Premiered: 2001-08-10
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    • Alanis Morissette Uninvited
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  • Comments: This is my first entry into the AMV World.
    I will entering this video into the Otakon 2001 Music Video Contest..

    I used a miroVIDEO DC30 Pro/Plus with Premiere and WIndows 2000.

    The footage used in this video mainly comes from OVAs 1 and 3, I used some footage from OVA 2.

    I started on this video the day I installed my DC30 Pro/Plus. Then I ran out of hard drive space. Nether-the-less, I resumed work in January and brought it to completion.

    [UPDATE] 06-02-2001
    Well I just read the Otakon 2001 AMV contest rules for tape entries.. and I can only enter 1 music video.. so I'm gonna enter this one.. the Vampire Princess Miyu AMV.

    [UPDATE] 7-24-2001
    I received the finalists-list a while back.. and well I didn't make into the finalists.. =( so It will NOT be preimering at Otakon 2001 unless it shows up in overage. *sigh* Oh well. =( Maybe Katsucon.. I've learned my lesson that I should get my entries in EARLY! Not at the last moment before the cut-off date. =/

    [UPDATE] 8-02-2001
    So I was reading the some of the feedback.. which I appreciate 3 of you have taken time to do so.. out of the 848 who have downloaded this amv..

    I just wanted to clarify a few things.. I'm not upset by the comments.. but I just wanted to make clear with the things I agree with and the things I didn't like myself about this video.. and wished I sat on it for another year before I would get the interest in finishing it.. Instead some of my friends were appalled (sp) that I was going to sit on it.. because they thought I was being too nit-picky.. so I decided it was "done" as is.. which is version you have been downloading via this site.

    --Anyhow.. onto my responses..--
    - I do agree.. the lip synching is off and wasn't great. The reason for that is because it was un-intentional.. there was never any "planned" lip synching.. in fact I even went to the effort of editing to reduce the lip movement in some scenes.. to me, I still consider this amv incomplete.. what you're seeing it the parts I never got around to revising.

    - Yes you will find some filler in this video.. keep in mind this was my first attempt.. but also keep in mind I didn't feel that every instance in the video NEEDED to count with a sound and visual.. I evaluated some of Kevin Caldwell's work.. and if you look carefully.. most of his prize videos have lots of filler.. and the other thing that plagued me the most.. there are plenty of parts to the song that I couldn't understand what Alanis was singing.. it wasn't till after I completed/released this video did I find a site with the actual lyrics.

    - The first version I did.. was too mechanical.. the timing was really good and synched with the music.. but it didn't seem natural for the song.. so I spent more time focusing on the timing of the lyrics and as she was singing them. One of the problems I have personally.. is the fact that I listen to the timing and the music.. and rarely ever clue into the lyrics.. I listen but I naturally focus on different things. I thought for sure I wasn't going to be able to make any videos if I didn't force myself to listen to the singing.. and lyrics.. so this video was an experiment for paying more attention to that kind of thing..

    - One thing that iserlohn commented on was that miyu was the center of the video.. which is cleary not the case (IMO).. Miyu's relationship with Larva is the center of the video.. as well as some other meanings. I appreciate you're opinion, I certainly don't resent you for making. But at least I have something to look back at and see where I might of not been clear.

    - This video has no "wow" factor I certainly agree.. it was never designed too.. this, like the other 2 amv's I've made are really just tests in timing, editing combinations and/or visuals that I'm still playing with in my head.. I'm still trying to figure it all out.

    - The capture quality is not the best.. Yes, you're right it's not.. it's that way on the LDs, there's not much I could do about that..even at the best capture rates this problem didn't go away.. and besides the captures I made look just like the LD.. oh well =/

    Thank you everyone who has downloaded it and liked it to some degree.. if you like where I'm headed with my amv's please let me know.. and if you don't please let me know.. I can't read your mind.. I can just read mine.

    [UPDATE] 8-8-2001
    I didn't make it to the finals for Otakon 2001, so the AMV will be shown in overage, during the first showing of the Overage-AMVs... as far as I know that will start 7PM Saturday..

    [UPDATE] 8-12-2001
    Well.. my video showed in the first overflow showing.. and all I have to say.. was the audio sucked. It was too low.. and.. well the power of the song has presence when its louder and you can here it.. but I still got claps.. and I appreciate those who did. Thank you. =)

    [UPDATE] 8-13-2001
    I just want to point out, the video premiere in overflow, not in the contest. It never made it, but it appeared at Otakon 2001.

    [UPDATE] 3-11-2002
    Fixed broken links to this video.. apparently.. they were still pointing to my old development server.

    [UPDATE] 06-11-2002
    I changed the download links.. I got a bill for the transfers for this month.. and it was over 100 GBs.. and the month isn't over yet. =( So I'm changing how you can obtain the videos. Hopefully tonight I will have the allowance system installed.. which means you will only be able to download so many times per day.

    [UPDATE] 06-11-2002
    I changed the download links.. I got a bill for the transfers for this month.. and it was over 100 GBs.. and the month isn't over yet. =( So I'm changing how you can obtain the videos. Hopefully tonight I will have the allowance system installed.. which means you will only be able to download so many times per day.

    [UPDATE] 6-12-2002
    I removed the download link for this video (on my site), because it's costing me the most headache in transfer costs. I will try to get a smaller version up tonight. Sorry for the inconvience.

    [UPDATE] 07-30-2002
    I'm thinking about entering this into the AWA 8 Expo contest.. mainly to be seen.. and I don't think I really plan on entering it anywhere else. Besides, it's an old video at this point, and was already entered into last years Otakon 2001 contest and didn't make it. Regardless it reamains to be the strongest draw of downloads on my videos from this site. So I figure why not.

    [UPDATE] 10-18-2002 - 10:24:33 AM
    I've been told the VPM MPEG-1 cuts off 4mins 20seconds into the AMV.. I'll look at this problem and put up the corrected file as soon as I have the time. For the moment, I'll restrict it to VIPs, to reduce the downloading until I get the correction uploaded.

    I apologize for those who downloaded the file and ran into this problem. After I created it I didn't have time to watch the file all the way through to check it for problems. I'll get a new file up, maybe the upload didn't complete. I will look into it.

    [UPDATE] 10-19-2002 - 02:23:57 AM
    I fixed the problem, and re-uploaded the file. The link is available for public download again. Enjoy.

    [UPDATE] 10-28-2002
    There was a problem with the server. Unfortunately it's a shared server, and someone elses site helped cause the server to be compromised. Since the site is offiline.. and it's not being used very much.. (at the moment) as it was designed to be.. I plan to take this "outage" time to make some fixes and major "core-coding" upgrades to the site that I have been meaning to for a while now.

    The AMVs will go back up soon, just after I finish the site conversions. I will keep you up-to-date. Thanks for your patience.

    [UPDATE] 03-20-2003
    A couple days ago, I added local-server a "dangling-carrot" link. Now you have more then one link to get the video.

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