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  • Member: Bakadeshi
  • Studio: AuN Studios
  • Title: Oratorio of Ghibli
  • Premiered: 2004-08-13
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  • Song:
    • James Newton Howard Flying
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  • Comments: * Winner of Best Sentimental at Anime Weekend Atlanta Exposition contest 2004.

    Part of the Animasia Project. Check this thread for Project status.

    The project is finnaly aproaching completion! watch the thread for its release. I will also anounce it here, and this video will be available seperately shortly afterwards. There will also be a link where you can order the DVDs once they become available.

    Note: This is ment to be an Artistic peice at its core. I have also had this video described to me by beta testers (in the project) as a "Feel Good" AMV. There is no real story or other point to the scenes in this video, except to match the instrumentals and portay a feeling of adventure and fun. If this is not your thing, might want to look for something else.

    It uses the instrumental song from the Peter Pan Movie SOundtrack, Flying, and was made as part of the multi-editor Instrumental Project, Animasia : The First Instrumentality.

    It showcases the spirit of adventure and fun between 3 major films by Studio Ghibli, Laputa Castle in the sky, Kiki's Delivery service, and The Cat returns. It lacks any centralized story, although there is a degree of order in the scene selections. Also almost all of the onscreen action in every scene chosen for this AMV has something synched to some part of the song. There isn't much Effects synching, although it is there, I relyed more on the actuall footage as a stronger synch tool rather than scene changes or effects.

    The Video is not planned to be made available for downloading until the Project releases.
    But if you ask nicely enough via AIM, I may provide you a direct link to the video, if you realy can't wait till the project is released. (Particularly for those of you who might have seen it at a con or something and want to download it)

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