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  • Member: dj_ultima_the_great
  • Title: Video Game Compilation Project
  • Premiered: 2004-08-27
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  • Songs:
    • 30 Seconds to Mars Capricorn
    • A Perfect Circle Weak and Powerless
    • Apocalyptica Hope Vol.2
    • Fuel Last Time
    • U2 Beautiful Day
    • Ultraspank Where
    • Vanessa Carlton Twilight
  • Anime:
  • Comments: My Sixth Music Video.

    This was my attempt at creating a video game compilation. My inspiration for this came from two different sources, actually. When I saw the video "Unfinished Business" by Onegai Studios (which is a compilation of several unfinised AMVs all strung together,) I noticed something in the creator's comments that I had noticed myself. The creator said "I stopped working on them before I made them badly. This is to say that the unfinished works by themselves are quite good, but they might have been bad if they had been finished."

    The truth is, most people's videos start off very well, but then decline slowly as the video goes on. In most videos, I realized that it was roughly the halfway point that most videos hit their lowest point and stay there until the end. Of course, this doesn't hold true for all videos, but the theory could be applied to many of them.

    My second source of inspiration came from "A Song for Everyone I and II" from Fangirl Friday Studios. Though this influenced my video to a lesser extent, it was nonetheless an interesting concept. This video is also divided into sections, but rather than being partial projects, it was made up of songs that were purposely cut down to fit just a small number of scenes that were used as character profiles for the cast of Fruits Basket.

    These two videos and that comment got me interested in the concept of picking a video game, purposely just taking a verse and a chorus of an appropriate song, and mixing the two together as best I could and seeing what the result would be. Sure enough, when I completed the first section, I discovered that that one little part was packed with visual interest and I found myself enjoying it far more than if I had done the entire project. Seven more short sections later, I realized that I should probably stop and just complete the project. And so it was.

    Unfortunately, I only have Windows Movie Maker II, so I had to wrench everything I possibly could out of that program just to make a halfway passable video. Because of the nature of this project, I knew that I would want credits detailing every game and song I used. I knew that credits would be very long, though (and they were,) so I decided to put a short, simple introduction and save the lengthy stuff for the end. Oh, and the reason I marked Lip Sync is because of my Silent Hill 3 section and Heather. It was an accident at first, but then I noticed that it looked like she was singing to the music, so I went with it and tried to time her lips to the music.

    Little Notes on Each Section...
    Resident Evil - Ultraspank - "Where" - my first section and the action-based one. It turned out better than I thought.
    Silent Hill - Apocalyptica feat. Matthias Sayer - "Hope Vol. 2" - my laziest section. I achieved the feeling I wanted, but the "oomph" just wasn't there, ya know?
    Silent Hill 2 - A Perfect Circle - "Weak and Powerless" - a song with strange lyrics, but it works with SH2 well. My Maria scene in the opening verse is my favorite part of the section.
    Silent Hill 3 - 30 Seconds to Mars - "Capricorn" - I made a rather pathetic lip sync attempt here. Other than that, the song is very befitting of SH3 and I think I edited it pretty well - a solid section.
    Parasite Eve - Fuel - "Last Time" - this is where it gets weird. My choice of effect is almost absurd, but it brings out the colors of the fire well, so that's why I did it. A lot of overlapping of clips here.
    Chrono Cross - Vanessa Carlton - "Twilight" - my most artistic section. I haven't even played the game, but I think this song goes well with it. CC clips just lend themselves to videos, don't they?
    Kingdom Hearts - U2 - "Beautiful Day" - my most fun section. It is lighthearted and does the song justice. Song choice was difficult for KH, but I think I did well.
    Tomb Raider - Spirited Away OST - "Gods" - an odd song choice, but it was an inspired one. I love the feeling this one has, and the editing is pretty good to boot.

    General note on the video...
    I would suggest that you don't have much else running when you play this, cuz it's a little choppy at times. Sorry. I'm not sure how I can fix that, really.

    Technical Junk!
    Program Used: Windows Movie Maker II
    Time Spent: A lot...actually, I think it was around 35 or so hours
    Date Completed: 7/23/04
    Number of Times WWMII Crashed: 20+

    Opinions are appreciated! Praise is adored! Flames are taken into consideration!

    Farewell, Good Luck, and Happy AMV-ing!

    - dj_ultima_the_great

    PS: *insert credits to pinky here* ^_^

    An extra note: I'm really sorry about the mislabeling of the music in this video. I'd have to re-upload this video to fix it, and I'm too lazy to do that right now.

    Yet another note: !!!!!THIS IS IMPORTANT!!!!! I don't think my Kingdom Hearts section is playing properly. It gets unbelievably choppy during that one section. To people who download this: are you having those problems? Or is it just me? PM me or something...or better yet...leave an opinion...? ^_~

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