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  • Member: Mersades
  • Studio: Shenron's Dragoball Lair
  • Title: Beyond Happiness and Sadness
  • Premiered: 2004-08-25
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  • Song:
    • Papa Roach Getting Away With Murder
  • Anime:
  • Comments: I finally ventured back into the world of DBZ music videos, a sad little hobby I've had for over a year now. I haven't gotten to work on one in MONTHS - Gods, I can't even remember when I finished the "Scarred Brotherhood" and "Changes" videos. Anyways, I have a big parody idea in the works, but because I haven't edited in so long, I just needed something to get me back into the groove. Enter a cliche rock/action DBZ video.

    I increased the video quality on this one, thanks to the fact I can upload things faster now. :D It started out as a Vegeta/Trucks video and morphed into more of an Anroid/Cell saga video. Let me tell you, this sucker was a BITCH to create right from the very beginning - first I had trouble getting the mp3 downloaded, then the music kept missing once I put it into Premiere and I ended up making a wav. And Premiere - GOD what a piece of crap. I need to find a copy of Vegas Video - Premiere froze up so many times I about ripped my hair out. -_-;

    I'm not sure how great it is being that I'm out of practice, but feedback and suggestions for the poor creatively challanged creator on how the video was edited is greatly appreciated. :) I know there's some rough spots I could still work out, but I'm so sick of Premiere right now. . .

    EDITED November 19, 2004 - I added a second version of this video. There were some parts that were just way too over-edited, so I went back and toned them down. I'll leave both versions up just so people can compare if they wish. The new, higher quality version is on local download.

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