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  • Member: MomochiZabuza
  • Studio: Shadow Of Death
  • Title: duality a kenshin story
  • Premiered: 2004-08-22
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    • slipknot Duality
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  • Comments: so heres my first amv on the site, even though it isnt my first can pretty much tell by looking at it because of the way i used the digital effects and stuff i mean not many rookie amv makers can do that...yet.
    anyway thanks to nissan, visit his amv AND LEAVE AN OPINION! i was able to get the film straight from the dvds and i didnt have to buy them...some of you may call this theft but i call it making friends and stratiegically borrowing their things for your own sick twisted pleasure...

    so enough about me and more with the amv. well i got the idea for doing it you know after hearing duality on the radio and i tried to think of a good anime to go with it...kenshin seemed like the obvious choice even though i had never seen anything from it in the past and i guess you could say i was taking a stab in the dark...luckily with a little help from a poorly made movie trailer and the lack of getting out of the house very much...i was able to finish it in a mere 4 days
    pretty sneaky sis

    oh and if you dont mind please leave an opinion....thank you

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