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  • Member: Brad
  • Title: In The End
  • Premiered: 2001-03-21
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    • Linkin Park In The End
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  • Comments: My first Final Fantasy 9 video, and most likely not my last. I was quite reluctant to do another Linkin Park video, but when I heard the song, I knew that I simply HAD to make this video.

    There isn't much to say about it in a technical aspect. I didn't do any cool special affects. Just a ton of fade transitions (I really don't like cut transitions.... at least not in most circumstances) and a few ghosted animations to add effect.

    This video mainly centers around Princess Garnet (as do most of the FMV's of the game). It's got a fairly good mix of action and drama. I'd be lying if I thought this was my best video, but I think it's certainly quite good.

    WARNING! This video DOES contain spoilers. But I didnt use any clips from the ending. So if you're near the end but havent beaten it, you should be ok.

    Well anyways, I really hope you enjoy this video. And also, I'm planning on running the convention circuit with my videos, but since most cons only allow 2 submissions, I'd appreciate if someone who's seen all my videos could reccomends which 2 would work best in a contest. And don't just say which 2 are your favorite, but which 2 you think would work the best. Thanks in advance!

    Well someone decided to post my video on so it's up there now for people to download. Cool eh?

    ***DOWNLOAD UPDATE: 02/23/03***
    And hosting is DOWN...... AGAIN........ So yeah. FilePlanet's your best bet. Or KaZaa.

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