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  • Member: Brolly345
  • Studio: [Insert Studio Name Here]
  • Title: Wasted Years
  • Premiered: 2004-08-19
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  • Song:
    • Cold Wasted Years
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  • Comments: I'm not to big on descriptions...

    Well, I finally got it all done. After several problems I was able to finish it. I decided to make a character profile on Vash.* I can't really explain where I got my inspiration from except that when I heard the song Wasted Years by Cold I thought it would make a pretty decent character profile. Since I got a new computer just to edit and play games on I thought I could just jump right into it. Wrong. I should have made sure it was all working properly. I got about half way through the video and I ran into a problem, and had to reformat. Hence I lost the video...

    Once I got the thing back up and running I start it again. It ran smoothly for a while but I must have downloaded a bad codec or something. So I had to reformat again to get it all working once more. Screwed again.

    The third time was the charm. I made sure it all worked properly before I started editing again. I was able to finish it, from the start, in about three weeks. It went pretty smoothly, except for several interlaced frames that refused to go away. I had to cut the little bastards out myself. Beleive me I spent a lot of time on this. Although three weeks may not seem like long I had already done the first half of the video twice. That made the first part easy. I'm not to big on visual effects so there aren't really any in the video, unless you consider fades effects. So if your looking for effects do not download this. It is not that type of video.

    About the song: I fell this song fits the mood of Trigun for the most part. It's slow and depressing. I also feel it fits Vash to a T. One more thing: this is how the song is supposed to sound. I keep getting told it sounds bad. No. Go buy the CD: Cold, Year of the Spider, and tell me it sounds different. That's my challange to you. I edited with a .wav file I ripped from my CD. I also encoded it as Lame Mp3 at 192 Khz. So it's good quality sound. If you op this, please don't grade my sound quality on what you think of the song. People have been doing that lately... >_<

    *I know I'm asking a lot, and no one has to heed this, but if you do op this realize I know this is Trigun, I know it's not too original, but try to grade me on whether or not I pulled off the idea well. That is how I like to do ops. I could care less if it is original as long as they pulled the idea off well.

    I'm happy with it and hope you will be too!

    Programs used:
    Premeire Pro
    DVD Decrypter

    Those are the important ones methinks.


    I made the file size loads smaller and fixed the issue with the sound coming out of sync when the scroll bar is moved. Enjoy.

    Also, this video iwas in the 2004 VCA semi final round for "Best First Video". Thanks to those who nominated me. ^_^ Too bad I didn't make it to the finals though... ;_;

    One last thing...

    I intend to put a HQ version of this video on my site once I get it built. You know, better video quality, and better sound quality. The works! So look for a direct link in the future.

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