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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Climbing Mirages
  • Premiered: 2004-08-18
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    • Radiohead Climbing up the Walls
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    Well this AMV has quite a few spoiler scenes (I didn't give away what Naoe did though, that's something better left to the show to reveal) so fair warning. . . This is the first time that I attempted to make a horror AMV that might be even the slightest, remotest bit scary. -_-;; If nothing else the song it. . . .

    I have no idea why I bothered lyric synching (nearly all of it's lyric synched aside from a few lines that were kinda weird, or the interpretation is metaphorical) because you can't understand what the singer is saying most of the time anyway. I've heard the song so many times and memorized the lyrics so I know, but like the first time I heard the song it was like WTF?! So um. . . Yeah, those scenes aren't all that random really.

    There aren't enough Mirage of Blaze vids out there. There are 13 with it in them altogether, but only 4 of those use ONLY MoB. Well, now there are 5! Yippie skippy.

    Well, enough babbling. If you do choose to download it I hope that you enjoy!

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