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  • Members: odian0, Tallest
  • Studio: Slacker Studios
  • Title: Irrelevant (things go unnoticed)
  • Premiered: 2004-08-13
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    • New Found Glory The Story So Far (acoustic)
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  • Comments: Story time, kiddies!


    ONCE UPON A TIME my friend Joe told me that going with a sentimental song was a safer idea then using a fast paced rock song. So after hearing those words of wisdom (actually, he mentioned this after I had nearly finished the video), I set out to make a sentimental video. I looked through my anime collection to find an anime that would lend itself to a sentimental video. Kare Kano? no, that would NEVER work. Haibane Renmei? certainly not, that series isn't sentimental at all. Hellsing? nah, that show is too damn sentimental already. Excel Saga? nah, too easy to find sentimental scenes..... wait..... I'm a slacker goddammit. Of course I'm gonna go with the easy one! So off I was, like a bolt of asiany lightning, to Premiere to spend my lonely days and nights. Days later and much figting with my computer, I have emerged with this run-of-the-mill video that, sad to say, has wormed it's way onto So go ahead, download it, go for it.


    Joking aside, I had a lot of fun making this video. The song is New Found Glory's "The Story So Far (acoustic)" and somehow I decided Excel Saga would work with it nicely. Joe (a.k.a. - Tallest) nicely helped me edit it in it's finishing stages, earning him the title of co-creator in this little endevor. I know, it's a shame that his good name has to be dragged through the mud by being associated with me, but it is, I applogise. Lyndsey (a.k.a. - kiarrens) was not anywhere near me when this was done, but I do like to mention her since she was the one who got me into making these videos in the first place. If you've hated my vidoes thus far, i think you can blame her, she's the one who envouraged me to do anything thus far. Oh, and Britt (a.k.a. - squeekingfury) was there too, but nobody counts her in for anything, so just ignore her.

    So, I guess this is also the part where I get to put in editors notes. (1) I tried a little harder this time on the lip sync. Not too much harder mind you, but at least this time I didn't just throw my hands up and downright give up. No, this time the lip syncing sucks not due to a lack of effort, but because it was all the effort i could muster. (2) I de-interlaced this time, so if it doesn't look like I did, blame Premiere. *sigh* I've been appologising about interlacing since "99 Orchestrations." I've gotta stop feeling guilty about that video.... oh, wait, I can since I'm gonna re-make it soon with some lovely improvements. (3) I'm gonna try to squash a complaint right off the bat now, before anyone even gets to download it: I know the song and anime do not match. It was a spur of the moment idea which I thought was interesting. (4) I've recieved about 27 reviews on my two videos as of this being posted, and I gotta say, one critique of my videos that stuck out in my mind is that my effort seems to go down not logn after the intro. So, in an effort to combat this, I used piano keys throughout most of this video. The effects are here and they're here to stay. Happy yet?

    Okay, enough ranting about my own video, what's done is done, download it already and watch it. Complaints must be submitted in the form of a written opinion. enjoy. ^_^

    p.s. - For those of you who are concerned, in my making of the video story I had mentioned that my computer and I fought. I would just like to state for the record that I never hit my computer, and that we have both been through consuling for this little event. Both me and my Dell are better people / machines because of this. We are closer now then ever.

    p.p.s. - runs best in DivX

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