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  • Member: picklified
  • Title: Happy Happy Joy Joy
  • Premiered: 2004-08-10
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    • Ren & Stimpy "You Eediot" Soundtrack Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy
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  • Comments: ok, one word: boredom! i was extrememly bored when i made this..its also the day before the 1st day of i had to get my mind off that. i had been going through my really old cds, and found a nickelodeon cd..weird. i forgot i had that...its from elementary school lol. so i thought i could make a video from one of the songs and figured that this one was the only one that'd work. some of the lipsyncing is off in places..but at this point i dont really care.

    the video is basically the characters of inuyasha "singing" the song..with some funny scenes in between. and yay, NO SUBTITLES this time!! woohoooo! i really like the beginning cuz i thought it would be really funny to have naraku and hakudoushi lip syncing..hehe. i never got any of miroku though..couldn't find one that'd work. plus, i just made a tribute to him so i've seen enough of him to last a lifetime lol. i used episodes 158-161 for this video..they were the only ones i had without subs.

    so anywho..i hope you like just meant to be a fun video. although technically it was just a way to fuel my boredom..or whatever.

    so..enjoy ^_^

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