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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Tasukete
  • Premiered: 2004-08-10
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    • Stabbing Westward Save Yourself
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  • Comments: Just to let anyone know who is thinking about downloading this, this AMV takes the shounen-ai (YAOI, GAY, HOMOSEXUAL) perspective of Tsume and Toboe\'s relationship. Please don\'t flame me because you disagree, just don\'t download it and everyone will be fine. ^_^;;

    I\'m not someone who rabidly searches for potential where I can\'t see it right off the bat. I know that EVERYONE BUT Tsume and Toboe have cannon straight relationships. I don\'t think that Kiba and Hige have potential just because they looked at eachother once. I do, however, see some definate possibilities when Toboe is spurting out \"I like you!\" Or \"I like Tsume\" ALL the time, licks an unconscious Tsume\'s thigh, and when Tsume saves Toboe countless times, when they HOLD HANDS AT ONE POINT IN EPISODE 4! And that\'s just the tip of the ice burg, but I\'m seeing some definate potential there myself. . . Personally I really don\'t like Wolf\'s Rain too much, and the TxT relationship was the only thing that was able to keep me interested so allow me my delusion!

    Anyway, if you download it please enjoy. ^_^ Tsume and Toboe forever! *hearts*

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