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  • Member: BMXRIDERSI
  • Studio: Intriquality Developments
  • Title: Pulling Me Down
  • Premiered: 2004-08-08
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  • Song:
    • New Found Glory All Downhill From Here
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  • Comments: Sorry I don't have the time to make a detailed video profile.
    I'm leaving for the Air Force on August 10th. I didn't have time to correctly modify any glitches or problems you may encounter in the video. I'm very proud of this video and this is very last minute so excuse any weird comments I've made.

    This will be my last video for a while.


    I am now in the new dorms at Texas. I successfully completed my training in San Antonio at Lackland AFB and also my training at Keesler AFB for Computer Operations Technical School.

    THis video was put out just before I left back in August of 2004. I didn't have the luxury of time, but I think I did alright on it. The only part I felt bad with was one of the scenes that I just threw in a bunch of random effects that made the video look extremely sketchy. This was a hard song to make a video to, the topic on the song was love, and I was at the time watching Oh My Goddess! So...I tried it out. At the time I was drawn to this song like magnet to solid steel. I felt the flow in the song, and I felt the mood from Oh! My goddess. Usually times like this, when you get this chill running down your back when you know the video you make will just come out right and hope others while get the feeling you do when your idea comes to mind. These are the times to set out to work. So i did. I spent a little under a month doing it. I pulled the .vob file straight off the DVD and used a Mod of virtual Dub to manipulate the vob file. I exported a low quality MJPEG file for the entire movie, to use as my editing footage. I also made a top notch quality MJPEG copy of the entire movie for the final footage. I used the low quality MJPEG until i was finished editing my timeline and then did the ol' swapperoo. I switched the MJPEG files (the low quality and the high) and exported my final video. THe quality I put out for this video was the BEST yet. And if you thought the quality in prior videos were good, then this one will catch you off guard. I got lazy with the compression, so I took that high quality MJPEG file and compressed that sucker to a nice and steady 3000 Kbps XviD CBR format.

    WHen I came back from basic training, I checked to see how many people had actually seen the video, and to my surprise, it ended up with one review! Wow, guess my whole plan backfired. MY first guess was no one was able to play the video, but then no one actually told me, and I tested the video for myself and it worked. I guess this video was a failure to other viewers and my expectations video was just too hard to follow up with.

    Reviews are overrated.
    I continue to make videos I enjoy watching, and having others enjoy it is just a bonus.

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