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  • Member: Roccket
  • Studio: Amvdefans
  • Title: Iron Chef : So high...
  • Premiered: 2004-08-08
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    • Overseer Super Moves
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  • Comments: This video was created for the 6th french Iron Chef. I first tought of using Animatrix with that song, but Premiere made me some crappy things with it. So I had to find other sources, and as I had sequences of FLCL already prepared, I used them, even if I wasn't sure that was the best choice.

    When I heard first the song, I kinda liked it, but when I had to begin editing, I found it harder than I thought, and I wasn't used to features so rythmed music in my videos.
    But I had to do that video, even if I wasn't really motived. So I made it, but couldn't use all that I had imagined for that, because of the lack of time (I have no excuse because I lost much times being not concentred on my aim, playing video games, eating ice-creams, waking up early when everybody is working on his video, but I'm lazy, there's nothing I can do for that :p ).

    So I "finished" my video in times, but I knew that I had no hope compared to the other great videos competiting.

    The participants were LCY84, Beppe, KwaiChang, Rikku and me.
    The jury was composed of Dark-Krystal, Wunjo, Normandien and Nostromo.

    LCY84 finished first, Beppe came 2nd and KwaiChang 3rd.

    Congratulations to all participants, and go get their videos too, they worth it ;)

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