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  • Member: dji
  • Studio: Red Apple Productions
  • Title: Emerge [a.k.a Free (UTR)]
  • Premiered: 2004-08-06
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    • FischerSpooner Emerge
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  • Comments: Okay what is there to say about this video.. well first if you went to Otakon 2004 it's also titled as "Free (UTR)".

    This video was a quick video I did in-between AMVs.. in fact, to date..I haven't goten back to the latest video I'm working on. This video was also the 4th entry into what I consider my "lack-luster / no-frills" series of AMVs. Break was #1, Haruko Swirl was #2, Akitoman was #3, and Emerg was/is #4 in this grouping. These are also, the group of videos that took me the least time to make. Simply the "LL/NF" videos are quick simple videos I make to keep my interests in video-editing. I usually make these videos to get another video idea out of my head that's plaguing my brain. Once they're completed, I can get back to my main AMV project. For all those Sci-Fi film geeks out there, the "LL/NF" is always my "As Good as It Gets" to my "Men in Black" video. It's just the thing I work on until I re-kindle my creative (or lack there of) interests for the main project.

    Anyhow.. so the skinny on this project. Um the audio track.. is Fisherspooner's Emerge. Except I made a ahorter (2.5 min) remix for myself.. and while I was making this video I used that song, but cut it down even more (under 2mins). So the remix I used, does not exist by Fischerspooner.

    When I saw the Animatrix the "beyond" story was one my favorites.. so when I started making this video, I knew I wanted to use this as the footage, and then I coupled it with the Fischerspooner remix.

    To (ahead of time) answer some of the most common questions I get...
    Yes, there are digital effects aside from the VU oscilloscopes.
    Are they obvious to find? No, not really. Where/what are they? Don't worry about it.
    The VU effects were easy for me to do ...and no winamp was not involved.
    Yes, I did make cuts.. I did not show you the whole 10min "beyond" story.

    Moving on... This video was quick, and was meant to be. I did not engineer some great inspiring message in the video.. it's not one of those (see "In Karous Place" or "I Won't" or "Planet Wired" for those kinds of videos from me). It was just a quick flashy idea I had in mind.. and I wanted to try my hand at a couple FX ideas.

    I'm uploading a MPEG-1 version. I do not publically give out a copy of the MPEG-2 master file. MPEG-1 is the best you'll get from me. However, the MPEG-2 version is much cleaner and better looking.

    One more thing.. I entered this video into Otakon's 2004 contest before entering into Animazement's 2004 contest. I was not trolling. I was asked for a contest entry from Animazement 2004 AMV coordinator, and so I did. It won something to my amazement. o.O

    - Animazement (2004) - 2nd Place

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