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  • Member: Brakus
  • Title: A.S.
  • Premiered: 2004-09-26
  • Category:
    • Action
  • Song:
    • James Newton Howard ER theme
  • Anime:
  • Participation:
    • Anime Weekend Atlanta **PRO** AMV Contest, Anime Weekend Atlanta **PRO** AMV Contest (2004-09-24)
    • Anime USA's AMV Contest, Anime USA's AMV Contest (2004-10-29)
    • NekoCon AMV Contest, NekoCon AMV Contest (2004-11-05)
    • Ushicon Theme Contest, Ushicon Theme Contest (2005-01-22)
    • Tekkoshocon 2005 AMV Contest, Tekkoshocon 2005 AMV Contest (2005-04-08)
  • Comments: This video debuted at AWA 10 and competed in the contests for Anime USA '04, NekoCon '04, Ushicon '05, and Tekkoshocon '05. (It will be showcased at Anime Boston and MTAC in 2005, but will not compete.) The music I've used is the long version of the theme from the OST.

    I actually had the idea for this video for a long time. I've always though the ER theme -- especially the long version -- lends itself to more of a military-style series, not just a medical drama. I originally wanted to set it to Gasaraki, but then I found Full Metal Panic!, and I had a lot more fun doing the video to Full Metal Panic! instead.

    To the point, it's about Sosuke and Kaname. Don't look for a Doug & Carol analogy; there isn't one. I used basically a lot of stuff from the first encounter Sosuke has with Gauron early on in the series. I did some synching up to a lot of the "incidental" sounds you hear during the song, and make them sound like the actions on-screen are producing the sound you hear during the song.

    This is my first attempt at an action-driven video. Sure it's nothing like Naruto or DBZ set to Linkin Park... but I'd think this is an enjoyable video all the same.

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