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  • Member: Voices_Of_Ryan
  • Studio: Controversy Studio
  • Title: Beautiful Summer
  • Premiered: 2004-08-06
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    • Beautiful Summer Trailer Audio (Orig)
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  • Comments: "Dedicated to Lauren, whom without which, this could have never been made, and made properly.
    Thank you Lauren, not for the video, but for being much more than a friend to me, I hope you understand what I mean when I say that, I have a feeling you might...

    List of music in Use
    Sugar Cult: Memory (Accoustic)
    The starting Line - The best of me (Accoustic)

    Intial D - Disc 1, 2 & 3

    The Idea Comes When?
    So infact, I did not just come up with the idea when I posted for voice actors to audition on the org, I had the idea actually sitting in my head for a few months while intial D was being released, and didnt want to (effectivly) mess it up by having a sever lack of footage to work with.

    So I waited.

    A few months had passed, and I relized, oh look I have enough dvds to pull off that idea, and I've matured enough as an editor (hopefully :P) to do it.

    So I started working around july 20th, I was ripping dvds till about the night of the 21st (also the same morning I started my awa pro project :P) and didnt get to actually edit till around the 25th, now... I always had the idea to make this a very teenager, very accoustic video, because I've always beena fan of both teenage movies (Fast times at ridgmont high, even the old 80's movies with molly ringwald and that dork who played in weird science), and I really wanted to make something really 80's inspired.

    So the idea was to use Iris and Memory (both accoustic versions).

    Editing (lip syncing aint fun)
    So I guess around the night of the 25th was the time I started to really hit the (figuritive) "books" and edit hard, I was originaly going to do this with misc movies like I had done with Deep Blue.

    Then I GUESS it was kalium who had told me "you know, this idea is pretty lame without some sort of ... HOOK too it" and I relized he was right (boo).

    So I had stopped editing for I guess it was 3 days, and this girl i've started to know VERY well (and really like :o) started talking and I started wondering what her voice was like in the back of my head, on the 30th I came up with the idea of using real voice actors as opposed to others and thus the real challange began, I had to audition more than a few to get just the right voices (and dont think I dont appreciate it guys).

    And we went threw more takes than I'd like to think I made them do for a "gag" trailer (espically you scintulla you poor bastard ;O).

    Nothing really happened till about the 2nd of augest though, when I finally heard that girls voice (read the top). I was instantly fallen (I know thats stupid to admit, espcially since she might infact be reading this :o but it's true ya know?), I also relized along the way that she would be SO perfect for the part of my girlfriend (ironic... maybe, symbolism... maybe =O).

    So I asked her if she would infact do the part, Luckly for me, she didnt say no =O.

    So threwthe next few days I edited (And I mean EDITED). Threw lip syncing, and a hugly bad headache one night.

    The Final Product
    I have to admit, I am amazed that some of these voice actors where so good, I had to cut a few lines unforchanitly and I hope those people wont be jaded and will come back to VA for my next project.

    This really turned out better than I thought it would, and... i'd like to say.

    It's really the best thing i've ever done.

    So please, Check it out.

    In Part VA list

    Part Played: Friend
    Handle: Scintilla
    Name for credits: Peter T. Wolf

    Part Played Father
    Handle: PieRowM
    Name for credits: Kirk P.F.

    Part Played: Girlfriend
    Handle: PinkPanties
    Name For Credits: Lauren

    Part Played: Main Character - Jake
    Handle: Voices_of_ryan
    Name For Credits: Jacob Lawler / Jacob

    Thank you lists and lists of va's who really helped out by beta testing ^_^
    JoyKiller (For the AMAZING intro for controversy Productions)
    Kalium (you know what you did buddy ;) Va/ Beta testing, Music Selection)
    Devilmaykickass (Va beta testing)
    CrzyTetsuo (Va)
    MarzGirl (Va/beta testing)
    Kirby (Va)
    Cyanna (Movie Poster, thanks I really appreciate it!)
    Perfect Solider (Beta Tester)
    Othikio (Va)
    Castor Troy (Beta Testing)

    Thank you guys so much.


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