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  • Member: Al'x
  • Title: Adventure with Totoro
  • Premiered: 2004-08-03
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    • Edvard Grieg Puck
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  • Comments: My second AMV so far...

    From a technical/critical standpoint this one is miles ahead of my first. =)

    I say the video has spoilers, but there are not any spoilers related to the plot of the anime.

    The basic idea behind the video is capturing the exploits that the children have in the film My Neighbour Totoro and combining with fitting music. If that idea appeals to you... you'll really like the video I guess.

    The music, "Puck", is a instrumental piece with violin and piano. The name Puck refers to the character Robin Goodfellow from Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream... so I guess it's a pretty lively and mischevious piece of music. =) Another thing... the music is very subtle and parts of it are very quiet... so I recommend you listen with speakers turned up a bit if they are usually low at all.

    Video quality is good. =) Looks great at fullscreen on a 19" monitor.

    Inane Trivia:
    At one point in the anime, one of the characters refers to the large Totoro as a "troll". Grieg's original Norwegian name for "Puck" was "Smatroll" which in English means "troll". A good match of music and anime if you ask me... ;) Also... both Grieg and whoever subtitled the My Neighbour Totoro DVD probably are referring to the troll of Norse myth, rather than the Tolkein version. ;)

    Technical Notes... (aka boring stuff)
    General: A great source, perfect (?) deinterlace, and some filtering combined to make the video very easily compressed with good quality. The audio though... is kinda pathetic. After struggling for over an hour with audio codec, I barely managed any compression at all... of the 31MB file, 16MB is audio and 15MB is video. My audio source was 18MB. =| At least there was no quality loss. ;) Also... this is a re-encode of my AMV submitted to CNAnime AMV competition 2004, which was mpeg-2.
    -Video source: NTSC release of My Neighbour Totoro
    -Video encoded to Xvid (Divx compatible... I think)
    -Music source: CD: "Devil's Dance"
    -Music compressed with LAME mp3
    -Length: 1:33
    -Size: 30.4MB
    -CRC32 Hash ID [for the geeks! =)]: 27BAB11F

    Opinions always appreciated! (especially critical ones!)

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