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  • Member: RutKiskasca
  • Studio: Kiskasca Productions
  • Title: Anime Life
  • Premiered: 2004-07-30
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  • Song:
    • HED Planet Earth Crazy Life
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  • Comments: This is my third video, and the first one made after getting a clear understanding of the new A&E Beta guides. I also took advantage of the new AMVapp for this one, and spent a lot more time learning the AfterEffects editor. The compression is much better than my previous videos, with much cleaner video.

    This is my first attempt at lip syncing. With the addition of lip synced sections, the video took on a little more of a "that's just wrong" feel. It's not funny enough to be comedy, but a little too twisted to be straight action.

    There are some graphically violent scenes. and brief nudity. PG 13.

    The language in the third verse was a little too strong, so I took the time to edit it with SoundForge. I made up for it by syncing action with the edited scratch sounds to make it kind of humorous.

    The clips for this video were compressed with HuffYUV, and the final compression was done with XviD compatible with DivX 5.0. Audio compression used LameMP3 at 160Hz 20 Kb/s ABR.

    This video will be available in small and large file sizes, using MPEG2 and XviD at my website, under the Anime Music Videos section.

    I would like to thank Thomas Hairston, who assisted me by being a walking database of Eva episode knowledge. I kept asking him, "What disk did Rei self destruct her Eva in?" and he knew in milliseconds. It really saved me a lot of retinal integrity not having to scan and rescan 8 disks of NGE for that one perfect clip.

    Finally, a BIG thank you to ErMac and Absolute Destiny for their painstaking work on the new Beta guides. You guys should be getting tuition from members of the org. I've contributed twice this year, and I will probably contribute again soon, out of thanks for the amazing amount of education I have gotten from these guys.

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