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  • Member: kenny_kendall
  • Title: Making up for the past
  • Premiered: 2004-08-01
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    • Staind So Far Away
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  • Comments: my newest video and i have deadicated it to gohan! one of my fav characters. the song i cutted it down a bit to make it shorter, at the start of this music videos it shows all gohans mistakes as a kid and then i showed his friends dying and his friends/family wouldn't of died if he helped or wateva. so apart for the first 20 seconds or so its based on gohan as a teenager trying to make up for the past. where in the song it says 'these are my dreams that i have never lived before somebody shake coz i think im sleeping' yeh well i showed that in one of gohans dreams when he was young, so im showing that he dreamt when he was young and his father came home (since his father died in cell saga becuase of gohan)

    special thx to DJ_jaime with his great help with the effects and also to dragonballarena i dont know what i would do without them,

    i hope you enjoy this music video, and please i would glady welcome any opinions :P to tell me what you hate and love

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