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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Escape from the Trap
  • Premiered: 2004-07-25
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    • Evanescense Imaginary
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  • Comments: Well I am slowly but surely making my way towards my goal of making an AMV for every YAOI anime ever! I own all but four (Lesson XX, Kaze to Ki no Uta, Sekikimatsu Darling, and Our Road to no Return) and someday I'll have made an AMV for every last one! Mwahahahahahaaaa! Aaahahahaahaha! Hahah *hack*. . .

    Okay, enough with the weirdness. It's probably considered pathetic to make an AMV for an anime just because you have it, but that's the case with this one. I got the footage, sorted through it to eliminate subtitles, and while I was doing it the some Imaginary came to mind, and no matter how hard I tried to find a more suitable song the stupid paper flowers wouldn't leave me alone! Which sucks, because there's only one shot in the OAV that has anything even remotely to do with flowers and they're tree blossoms. . . So, some of the lyric synch in this vid isn't as blatant as I would prefer it to be. Also I repeated one or two clips for the lyrics in the chorus about "candy clouds" and "purple sky." Other than that I'm very pleased with this and think that I managed to put my very SCANT footage together nicely.

    Well, anyway, probably like 30 people (if that) will download this and maybe half of them will like it. So here's a toast to you 15. ^_^

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