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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Chomping Tiger, Hidden Voice
  • Premiered: 2004-07-25
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    • Fuel Falls On Me
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  • Comments: Despite the (wannabe) humor in the title, this vid is actually very serious. It is a profile of Kisa and how Tohru helps her through a difficult time. I absolutely love Kisa because 1, she's my zodiac, 2, she's freakin' adorable, and 3, this episode makes me like Tohru more. . . Anyway, because after digging through the episode for all the Kisa clips, then eliminating those with subtitles on them, I was left with 6 minutes of footage, for a 4 minute song. Well, seeing as that would turn out to be a really bad AMV I edited the song down to 1:58, so this AMV is really "short and sweet." That's why the file is so small, by the way, not because of low quality. It's actually very pretty compared to the majority of my vids.

    Well, anyway, if you like Kisa, or at least Fruits Basket you might want to take a looksie at this. ^_^ And if you do download, enjoy!

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