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  • Member: NekosoftProductions
  • Studio: Nekosoft Productions
  • Title: Death Before Life
  • Premiered: 2004-07-22
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  • Song:
    • Gackt Lu:na-Sixth Day Version
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  • Comments: A few notes about this video...
    The song is Lu:na, The Sixth Day Version by Gackt. The song is about how someone would feel if the person that they loved hurt them and/or left them. Its one of my favorite songs just because of the power and feeling behind the actual video and song itself.
    This video is full of spoilers from acts 25, 26, and 38 of Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. I advise that if you have not seen up to this point, and do not want spoilers...please hold off on this video.
    And, yes...the lipsynch is waaayyy off...but Usagi just wouldnt shut up during this video.

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