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  • Member: TaranT
  • Studio: Studio Tarantella
  • Title: Scenic Study - Mononoke Hime
  • Premiered: 2005-05-27
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    • Patrick O'Hearn Delicate
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  • Comments: CD: "Eldorado" (1989) by Patrick O'Hearn


    Summary: This music video has no action and no plot or story. It is an exhibition of the music of Patrick O'Hearn and the art of Studio Ghibli.


    Patrick O'Hearn's "Delicate" is a piece that has been a favorite of mine for some years. It was a bit of a surprise to find it on a DVD that I picked up by chance, one that contained a set of music videos using the work of a nature photographer. The video made me wonder if something similar could be done with anime scenery. Mononoke Hime was the obvious choice for source material. It has the most and most detailed nature scenes of any anime production, even more so than the earlier Nausicaa which was perhaps more overtly tuned to an environmental theme.

    The music: "Delicate" captures the quiet mystery of the deep forest as it builds to a climax representing the majesty of the natural world. You can find more information about O'Hearn and his music at the Patrick O'Hearn Web site.

    All of the forest and landscape scenes from the original movie were collected in order to create this video. There are no scenes with human characters and only a couple with human artifacts. A viewer who is acquainted with the movie will notice scenes where characters were removed. Experienced AMV editors may notice some of the tricks that were used in order to keep the video quality as high as possible. All scenes with camera pans were re-created as large still pictures in order to achieve slower and smooth motion across the scene. Non-moving sections of other scenes were overlayed with tailored still pictures in order to make sure those areas were completely still. Some scenes were reconstructed from copies of themselves in order to make them last longer. All scenes are relatively long compared to a typical AMV, and the crossfades - which are used on almost every scene - are very long in keeping with the pace of the music. Digital effects are otherwise limited (a blur, a simple lens flare, some brightness control).

    The first version of this video was completed in late 2001 under the pretentious title of "Lost in a Vale of Dreams". The picture quality was so poor (for various reasons) that I never showed it publicly. This final production takes advantage of a few years of experience to achieve what I was looking for the first time.

    "Scenic Study" is not the kind of AMV that is suitable for a showing before a general audience. So, it probably won't be seen in any of the usual venues except possibly for a masters-grade or other judged exhibition.


    Northern Lights Award (Best In Show) - Anime North 2005
    Best Instrumental - Video Exposition, Anime Weekend Atlanta 2005


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