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  • Member: istiv
  • Studio: Istiv Studio
  • Title: Yakusoku ne
  • Premiered: 2004-07-15
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    • The Beatles Yesterday
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  • Comments: I wonder how it is possible to do a such good drama video as Kwasek's "yesterday" vid on Cowboy Bebop's anime... The answer is from my point of view: impossible. The music and the anime match perfectly and as it is on one of my favorite anime, i love this video. But i also like this song and i really wanted to do a video on it. Of course it would be blasphem to have it done on Bebop.

    Recently i saw Tsukihime, that was a quite good anime and the sadness of this serie made me think about finally doing this video on it. This was before i started Shounen Bushidou, then i didn't have time to finish it. Now the Bushidou is finished and i'm in vacation, i have a few time and i finished it. I know it is not a great video, but i had pleasure to do it and looking at it let me remember how great and sad is the Tsukihime's story. I hope Arcueid's fans will like it too.

    About the video itself, it talks about Shiki and Arcueid's love story.


    As you may know if you watch the entire serie, after Arcueid's death, Shiki had some difficulties to forget her, remembering these old days when they were together. It is this part of remembering and longing for "Yesterday" i would like to show in this video. In the intro and outro, i show how this was a drama for Shiki, as Arcueid made a promise before she died, and she couldn't keep this promise. The title is from this sequence: "Yakusoku ne" means "that's a promise" in the sense "i promise you i'll do it" or something like that :)

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