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  • Member: Unlimited Rice
  • Studio: Sharingan Eye Productions
  • Title: Lucky
  • Premiered: 2004-07-14
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  • Song:
    • Hoobastank Lucky
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  • Comments: hmm... yes.. I've finally finished this ^_^

    I took a lotta breaks between working with this video.. a lot.. I even took a few breaks as long as a week between working this video(so much for the summer spirit)..

    OK, well, I was listening to my cuz's Hoobastank - The Reason CD.. and originally.. I wuz planning to use The Reason for the song in this amv.. but later while working with it.. it felt slow.. like it was gonna kill me.. so I relistened to his CD for other songs.. and well... I found Lucky.

    This amv focuses on Kaoru's feelings for Kenshin.. why he makes her feel 'lucky.' that's just what this AMV is about ^_^, though.. originally.. i was going for Kenshin feeling lucky.. but... I figured that it made more sense being Kaoru's feelings..

    going towards the end.. I ran into some lack of 'good enough to use' clips.. so i kinda improvised a little with some masking and stuff... I even did some extra masking stuff, like the really slow area where it's.. "You.... make me.. feeeeeeeeel.." I thought I'd do something a little extra to show'em both.. showing kenshin, and showing Kaoru and how she's feeling, you know.. to go with the lyrics..

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