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  • Member: Tsunami Jones
  • Studio: Better Tomorrow Productions
  • Title: Cowboy Recall
  • Premiered: 2004-07-10
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    • Total Recall Total Recall Trailer Audio
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  • Comments: Besides from being my first trailer, this video marks the first time Iíve ever really used Photoshop in a video. And, Iíve never really used Photoshop anywhere else, so I pretty much have no skill in using it what so ever (but hey, everyone has to start somewhere). So allís I hope is that the few effects that I used with it turn out to be at least moderately effective to the viewer (although the effect at the beginning is quite possibly one of the worst mask jobs ever performed)..

    Anyways, as you can probably tell, the audio I used for this vid is the audio from one of the trailers of the classic Schwarzenegger action film (and also one of my favorite action films), Total Recall. Now, back when the film was made, the audio quality wasnít exactly the best. So, Iíve done the best that I could in attempting to clean it up a bit and get rid of all the static and noise that was present. Iíve also never done this before, and not knowing how to do it, I just tried to figure it out. I used the program Audacity, and I think that overall the audio turned out pretty well (but youíll have to be the judge on that).

    Now, some of you may groan when you that this is yet another Cowboy Bebop video. I didnít use it because it was popular or overused or because I think itís an awesome anime. I simply used it because I thought it would fit better than any other show (well, fit better than at least anything that I own anyways). To me, the choice was rather easy. I wanted this trailer to mirror the original trailer and movie as close as possible, and I wanted an anime with a scene or two of Mars. This left only two shows that I have: Cowboy Bebop and Martian Successor Nadesico. Now, the main character, who would be voicing Arnoldís lines, needed to not be a wuss, needed to be cool, and needed to do some fighting. And Spike, is far more of a badass than Akito is (plus he matches the voice better), so that ruled out Nadesico. Besides the main character, this I think worked out better overall, as the most of the other characters are more recognizable (especially Julia), and many of the scenes that I found in Bebop that fit very well, simply werenít there in anything else it seemed.

    I hope you enjoy the vid!

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