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  • Member: Chocobuddha
  • Studio: CrackRabbit Studios
  • Title: Between a Rock and a Hard Place
  • Premiered: 2004-07-08
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    • Nexus Next
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  • Comments: *CORRECTION* Thanks to a heads-up by KoJiRoHx, I finally know the actual artist and name of the song: it's called "Next", by Nexus. Sorry about any confusion! ^^;

    Well, I entered this video into the AX 2004 AMV contest just so I could get the good seats at the competition. I can assure you, I didn't expect it to get to the semi-finals, much less win Best Action. ^^;;;;;;;

    Lessee, I first tossed together a prototype for this vid last fall, using nothing but fansubs. Naturally, this limited what footage I could use (since I hate subs in AMVs), plus the video quality was pretty lousy. Not only that, but I wasn't about to actually release an AMV I made out of downloaded material, so I stopped midway and waited until I could get the actual DVDs I needed.

    As fate would have it, the DVD I needed was finally released about a month before the AX AMV Contest deadline. I tossed the video together, burned it and sent it out. And YAY! It won! :P

    Update: Wow, now that I've gotten some real feedback, I'm really starting to see what people find wrong with the stop-motion during the end. I was trying to stay consistent with the music, but I also should've stayed consistent with the stop-motion earlier in the AMV. Had I started with the reverse stop-motion, it might not have seemed so jarring. Ah well, I'll do better next time! I'm glad that some of you enjoyed the video, anyway. ^_____^

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