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  • Member: xharas
  • Studio: X'3m Productions
  • Title: Heaven Is A Place On Gaia
  • Premiered: 2004-07-05
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    • Belinda Carlisle Heaven is a Place on Earth
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  • Comments: I wanted to do this video for a very very long time (over 5 years) but it was only recently that the Escaflowne DVD Set dropped in price and a bunch of other factors, which compelled me to do it.

    I was inspired when I saw an Ah! My Goddess AMV with the same song way back when. I felt that Ah! My Goddess was a good fit but Escaflowne would be better because it had a lot more footage with angels in it.

    Upon starting this project, the first thing I did was research what other creators did in the Escaflowne / Romance Genre. I was taken aback by how many romantic Escaflowne videos there were and after watching over 20 of them I came to the conclusion that they're almost all the same. I noticed most of the used the same footage and most videos focused on the sad and sentimental aspect of their relationship.

    Well there goes my 5 year old plan, so I rethought my whole approached to this video and decided to wing it. No plot, no story which I incorporate in all videos, it's time to get a bit artistic. I focused on two goals, to use different scenes and avoid making a sad, sentimental video.

    For the first half of the video I focused on imagery and matching the scenes to the mood and lyrics of the song. To avoid using the same scenes I overlayed different clips to create new scenes.

    Most people probably won't notice because I have a tendency to choose scenes that naturally flow into one another. To most people this is very boring because it doesn't seem like there was much editing involved. The clips naturally flow within each other making it seem like I took chunks of footage 5 seconds long and just pasted it together.

    I had a hard time with the second half of the video. I sort of ran out of footage that showed Van and Hitomi happily together. It took me a while to figure out what to do but I resorted to using still images, which I'm especially proud of because it turned out very nicely at the end.

    So what can you expect if you choose to download this video. This is a romantic tribute to Escaflowne. It's not dark or sentimental but has a lighter, brighter tone but not too happy. So don't expect to be gushing tears out or getting any warm fuzzy feelings inside. The reaction you'll probably have is, "That was nice". Expect longish scenes with very little action, which some people might find boring but I can guarantee you'll find this video different from others in its class.

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