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  • Member: Saizuchi
  • Studio: Demon.Snow.
  • Title: Hidden Demons RMX
  • Premiered: 2004-07-02
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  • Songs:
    • Ali Breathe In Breath Out
    • Daft Punk High Life
    • Talib Kweli Get By
    • Tsutchie Sincerely
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Tension in my body seems to be burning from within me. What is this feeling? Something insides me tears at my gut to get out. It's furiating and enraging. I can't control it. It eats at my soul. Why...why can't I stop this...this red fury. WHY CAN'T I CONTROL KYUUBI!!!

    This is a Remix of my first AMV Naruto - Hidden Demons. I am going to trying my Best to recap where I left off and also show a new concept on my previous version. With the spin kinda like a Mixtape. Going from Rap to R&B to Metal to Techno mixed to make a nice song. This AMV will truly be a Remix.

    Video Settings
    Compressor: DivX PRO(tm) 5.1 Codec
    Frame Size: 352w x 240h
    Frame Rate: 29.97
    Depth: Millions
    Quality: 100%

    Audio Settings
    Compressor: AC3 Playback
    Rate: 44100
    Format: 16 - Stereo

    Song(s): [In Alphabetical Order]
    Ali - Breathe In Breathe Out
    Daft Punk - High Life
    Talib Kweli - Keynote Speaker
    Tsutchie - Sincerely

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