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  • Member: Fairy_of_Fortune
  • Studio: Fairy of Fortune Productions
  • Title: Sohn des Mondes
  • Premiered: 2004-07-02
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    • Loona Hijo de la Luna
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  • Comments: Umm... how to begin?

    This is a remake of a video I made 2 and 1/2 years ago.

    I love this song very dearly and think, that it fits just perfectly to the atmosphere of Final Fantasy. But to be honest, I don't understand a word of what they are singing. Of course I found a translation and the video is only slightly based on the lyrics, but this doesn't matter. The only thing I wanted to reach was to bring the atmosphere of the song combined with the dramatic scenes of Final Fantasy to the audience. And I think, that I did a good job in this.
    Nevertheless I guess, that this video is one of those you can only watch one time. Don't ask me why, this is my personal impression and it doesn't mean, that it's a bad video. On the contrary, I think that this fact lends the video a unique touch.
    I didn't work very long on the remake of this video, because I already had a particular pattern. Though I did change a few certain things that I didn't like very much in the first and it took me quite a time to get it to my satisfaction, because on the one hand Premiere was a pain in the a** again and on the other hand I'm very depressed at the moment and things aren't going to well for me. But I hope you enjoy this video nervertheless. I like it very much. :)

    Although I put a logo at the beginning of the video of the FF's VII-X2, I only used one scene of FFVII and the rest of FFVIII-FFX. This is a logo I made to indicate that this video is about Final Fantasy. Sounds stupid, I know, because I mention the FF's used in the video in the description here, but I simply wanted to have it there for my own liking. :)
    By the way... the title "Sohn des Mondes" means "Hijo de la Luna" ("Son of the moon" - I think the most of you know that) in German. ^__~

    I really hope you all enjoy this... it's definitely not one of my best works, but it still represents a part of myself.

    ~Fairy of Fortune~

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