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  • Member: Machi*Gai
  • Title: Chippoke
  • Premiered: 2004-07-01
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    • Good Charlotte Little Things
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  • Comments: Ah, my first video at last! I know how off-putting it is when people say that, but I did put plenty of effort into it. This video took a few weeks total, almost all of it was finished over a month ago and I've recently touched it up. It still says "Unpolished Version" at the end though, because I still consider it to be unpolished - although it's probably going to end up being the final version.

    This video moves (too) fast, and is editing-crazy (I think it's rather crude and amateurish obsessive editing, but I maybe I'm too self-critical), and focuses on two of the greatest losers of the show, Naruto and Lee. Sakura and Hinata leak in here and there, and some clips seem kind of irrelevant, but the inspiring effort of the "nekketsu ochikobore", and all those little (okay, big...arguably) things that made them what they are, were the concepts that kept me working till the end. It's the end that I find the worst, you can really tell I wasn't sure what to do with it, my energy was running it might seem a little strange. Some bits still irk me (near the end there are bits I find awful), but I'm tired of trying to polish this up, since it's not going to get much better.

    Yes, the name doesn't really fit sound-wise (it means small or insignificant in Japanese) and the concept's a little sketchy, and the video's not that deep. And the choice of song is a little weird, though it just happened to inspire me. But my aim in making it was to get some editing practice, have a little fun and possibly get enough inspiration for a deeper, more serious project.

    Overall, I enjoyed making it and got enough good feedback to be confident in posting it here. And don't be put off by my negative comments, it can't be too bad after hours and hours of obsessive editing, right? Hope you enjoy!

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