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  • Member: SabreMau
  • Title: Haru's Excellent Adventure
  • Premiered: 2004-07-01
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    • DJ AC-DC Never Ending Story
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  • Comments: Winner: Best Action/Adventure, KumoriCon 2004


    This is my second AMV, made from footage from Neko no Ongaeshi (The Cat Returns, aka Koyangi ui Poeun over here in Korea), set to Never Ending Story (Power Club Vocal Mix) by DJ AC-DC, as featured in DDR 5th Mix. After buying the Korean R3 DVD of this movie a couple weeks ago, I've had the idea that I had to make some sort of AMV to this thing (as opposed to my first AMV, where I found the song first and then had the idea I had to fit some anime to that thing).

    Browsing through my music collection, I first had the idea to try to put it to Beethoven Virus (featuring mainly Baron scenes), but aside from a couple test clips that worked out well, I couldn't find a decent strategy to approach the idea so I looked around and settled on Never Ending Story, which seems to have worked out well.

    The video source for this project was the Korean R3 DVD of Koyangi ui Poeun, and although I haven't reduced the resolution from 720x480, I think XviD managed to do a pretty decent job of compressing this one. Not many effects used, other than crossfades, a bit of tactical speed modulation, and at least one non-crossfade circular wipe. More between-scene fades than my first video, anyway.

    No lipsync in this one, since nothing really fit it. A bit of action-sync, such as Baron fighting. The spears hitting the ground to the beat was rather unexpected, but it synced up perfectly with the song at that point.

    Technical details: VirtualDub, AviSynth, Goldwave, Adobe Premiere, and Photoshop all were used. I discovered just a few days ago that I had been using an XviD encoder that was over a year old, so I upgraded and this new one seems to do the job quite handily. Audio's compressed at 44100 Hz 128-Kbps CBR stereo using the LAME mp3 encoder.


    US DVD of this is due out on February 22nd, so spoilers warnings still in effect until then.

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