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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Please Don't. . .
  • Premiered: 2004-06-25
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    • Jewel Near You Always (live)
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  • Comments: Well I love this song, and hate this anime but I have nice subtitle-less footage of it so I decided to make a(nother) AMV for it. While looking through my CDs to find a decent song I came across my Jewel one and remembered this song and then realized if it had the line "please don't rape me, I am straight" in it then by golly it would have been perfect! Although the vid is meant to be taken in all seriousness/non-comdeyishness by anyone who ends up watching it, it was just a big joke to me. ^_^ Oh well.

    I hope that anyone who happens to like Fujumi Orchestra (you WEIRDO!. . . JK:P) Will like this vid. ^__________^

    By the way, if the audio sounds a little off or bad it's because this was taken from her really old live album, Pieces of You. . . You know, before she came a skanky sell out to razor commericals. Shame of you Jewel. You used to have a soul! >_

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