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  • Member: staces
  • Title: All I've Ever Wanted to Feel
  • Premiered: 2004-06-25
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    • Nina Gordon Tonight And The Rest Of My Life
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  • Comments: Well this was kind of inspired by Kurayami's (Hi! ^_^) Nataku profile vid, in the way that it's "an X character in 120 seconds or less." Though her depiction of Nataku is better than my portrayl of Kakyo. ^_^;; But seriously, I really wanted to do a vid of him to this song with the OAV footage but there's no way in hell that I could stretch out that meager footage (if I didn't have to delete clips with subs there would probably more, I know) for 4 and a half minutes. So I cropped the song, the vid is like 1 minute and 54 seconds long.

    Anyway this vid is of Kakyo and I used EVERY single freakin' like frame that I had of him from the OAV! >_< Oh well. I think that this turned out okay, it didn't recquire a great deal of effort but I didn't have anything better to do at 2 AM this morning.

    I hope you like it. . . I know it probably would've been better longer but oh well, whatcha gonna do?

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