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  • Member: aznfs
  • Studio: Dimension_EX Productions
  • Title: Healing Visions?!
  • Premiered: 2004-06-24
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  • Song:
    • Dance Dance Revolution MAX Healing Vision ~Angelic Mix~
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Hmmm... this was just a video i made mostly cause i was bored and i hadn't made a amv in a while. i used appx. 20 minutes editing the video and i did get lazy during the middle where video just crossfades in and out. but most of the video is just beat syncing not much each like a storyline, i just used kenshin and kite because they were the only two dv sources i had immediatly ready on my hard drive... I guess i should make this my first bored video project ^_^.

    Kenshin OVA
    A Kite Original Japanese DVD

    for now im goin to have the video on another server into i can verify if i can upload it unto the golden donut, cause i there is a considerable amount of violence in both animes.

    i was pretty lazy encoding the final product though so the video quality is average compared to the original dv copy... unless anyone wants to dl 360mb for 1:40 minutes worth of amv be my guest... on second thought i dont know where i could get that kind of space anyway...

    reduced the file size to fit in my student account, thus the quality isnt as good as the original, then again the original was in dv ^_^'

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