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  • Members: J.Alana, Pacman121
  • Studio: J&P Productions
  • Title: Vegeta & King Vegeta -Numb
  • Premiered: 2004-01-25
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    • Linkin Park Numb
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  • Comments: This vid marked my first new vid of the year 2004. This vid was wildly popular on both winmx and irc. A lot of people seemed to like it and a few didn't. However, I thought whether or not the criticism be good or bad I'd upload it.

    This vid deals with Vegeta's relationship with his father King Vegeta. Since Father's Day just passed, I thought I'd upload this vid to the org in honor of Father's Day. One thing I always felt about Vegeta's character was that he wanted to really live up to his Saiyan lineage and more so, live up to the expectations of his father. I didn't want this to be your typical "Vegeta struggles to be a super saiyan" vid. I really wanted this to be about Vegeta growing up from a child to a man becoming less like his father and more in the image of Freiza. I think I succeeded.

    Now first up let me get two things out of the way. Yes, it is a Linkin Park song. But I thought the song "Numb" really related to Vegeta's feelings towards his father and it radiated it. Whether you classify me as breaking the rules of amv making, I don't care. Thats the song. Deal with it or don't download. Secondly, yes its another damn Vegeta video. Again, thats the subject of the vid; if you don't like it don't watch it and yet again, deal.

    Other then that, enjoy and See ya on the next vid. Peace

    **Interesting point poised to me via email. "Is this video a reflection on the yaiost relationship between Vegeta and Freiza?" The answer to that question is no. So, sorry yaio enthuisasts if your looking for that type of video you won't find it here. I will say that the video does deal with Vegeta being made to become more of a monster by Freiza though and how King Vegeta tries to save his son from the maniac but it is not successful.

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