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  • Member: [Mike of the Desert]
  • Title: Tablyth
  • Premiered: 2004-06-21
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    • Disturbed Remember
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  • Comments: READ PLEASEEEE!!!!
    Hi! Mmm... This time I have some important things to say..!! I tried to make something new with this my new video!^^ Of course, I always worked incredibly hard on the sync... Well maybe I never worked so much on it!!!! I really done my best with this one, so much that I think I'll change program, Movie Maker is damned... My god, is a hateful program, I saw also wrost things, but Movie Maker is hateful anyway... I would have used surely more, but more than this, different effects, but this program has his effects and noone can change this=-=" Especially, it is not able to do trasparances, and like I done in some prevoius videos, at the end in this one for do complicated trasparances I had to overpose many many projects, but it turned out pretty well^-^ But I have to change, I want to improve because I think (if not, hey say to me I care about it!!^__^) I reached the limit of Movie Maker, more than this, it can't do... Anyway^^ I tried to make a video without story, without a central point... But I think that this idea didn't turn out that well.. I'm not able, at least there must be a character in the central objective of the video, in this one, in fact, I nearly didn't used anything else than the evangelion01 and his pilot, againts his nemesis (I see Kaworu like that). So, at least a minimun central objective must exist in my videos, or I'll really not able to do them... :S But of course here the storyline nearly doesn't exist, so please don't focus on that seeing the video, because it really is near to the don't exist completely..!! I have to say that this video named Tablyth (is the angelic name of Kaworu mixed with Lilith, who have seen the anime will understand better) is the one when I worked with the most effort, well, mine video "Let's go out toghether, I'll protect you until I die" is actually the video when I worked with all my soul, because I was making it for love (sigh a sad story of loveÁ__Á), but this one take from me all my body and brainXD Really, I worked on it more than any previous videos, in the credits I put 30hours, but is more 38 or 40, really. Maybe I'm slow on do amvs, maybe is also the fault of that hateful Movie Maker, but I really put all my effort this time and I hope you'll see all the things I put in it!!! I put all the things I thought can be useful for a full-effort video (I want a 10 in the opinions ;P I joke of course you have to be sincere ;D), I removed the subtitles in a super-complicated way =P For don't destroy the quality (my god is long=_="), I worked a lot on Lip Sync, also on Lyrics sync for the fights between the nemesis, but don't care too much about that because in that point I'm really a beginner, but I'm working on it^-^ But as I said, don't put too much the eyes for it. I put a lot of effects, but not for be the "one that do complicated amazing videos", because I'm not like that and I really don't know what think of this one, I'm really neutral I sincerely don't know what to think... In fact, this video is a test, where I put all my effort, to see what you all think about it, so I'd really like many opinions, I need them for improve :D Anyway, as I said I'm not that type of creator, I put all the effects I thought that could be good and good looking for follow the music, I tried like always to make the video had the feeling of the music^__^ But I'm a little in doubt, I can't wait until I'll see what you think about it, be sincere, because I need your thinks for improve and see what I really done with this latest work^___^ Ah! Only a last thing^^ For ones who know my videos this will be a super news =P Yes!! You could have thought it seeing the dimension of the file... Finally, this is maybe my first video that I can say.. It have HQ!!! :D Ok, I think that is all.. I could write tons of pages, but I think that will be not much the people that also now will be reading until here so it's better to stop ;P Leave opinions is important for me!^_^ ENJOY!!!!

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