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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Let You Go
  • Premiered: 2004-06-18
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    • Sarah McLachlan Do What You Have to Do (live)
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  • Comments: Well I must admit that this is the second Farfarello profile AMV ever made, the first is one by Wolf Felan called "A Prayer for Jei" and is set to the Goo Goo Dolls song 'Iris' and I suggest you check it out if your're a Farfie fan. Even though both are made from the same of episode of Weiß Kreuz, they are very different. ^_^;; Mine's actually more of a Ruth profile.

    Well I know that this song is in it's essence a romance song and, as far as I have seen, has always been portrayed as such. I personally while listening to it have always gotten some other sort of relationship in mind rather than a romantic lover one. So it's just interpretation to use it to portray a rather odd mother son relationship. Some lyrics don't really go with what's being shown on screen but you have to be familiar (like REALLY familiar) to get where some of the theme is coming from. ^_^

    I REALLY don't reccomend downloading this if you haven't seen the show. Also I apologize for one fragment of subtitle, but I spent hours just trying to get my computer to save the damn movie and like hell I'm going back to fix it. So sorry.

    Wow. . . ANOTHER character profile vid for a character I don't like. I'm just weird like that. 0_o Whereas I just dislike Hisoka/am a little indifferent, I absolutely HATE Farfarello! Eeeeeek he's creepy! His eye doesn't have a white thingy (light reflecting on the pupil). And he has big lips. . . That botters me. =(

    Well I hope that you enjoy this. ^_^;; I said it the last time I did an AMV to a slow song, and I'll say it again. NEVER will I EVER make one to a song this SLOW again! Arrrgh! >_

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