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  • Members: JMI, dji
  • Studio: JMI Productions
  • Title: No One's Laughing
  • Premiered: 2004-06-17
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  • Song:
    • Our Lady Peace Clumsy
  • Anime:
  • Comments: No One's Laughing is my first attempt at creating an AMV. I first became interested in AMVs about a year and a half ago at an anime club near me. About three months ago I asked my buddy Alan of Red Apple Productions to show me the ropes. What inspired me to make the AMV was the band Our Lady Peace, especially their song Clumsy. Our Lady Peace has always been one of my favorite bands and has also been very important to me. I choose I My Me! Strawberry Eggs because it is one of my favorite animes and because I wanted to focus on the interesting relationship between Kuzuha and Hibiki. Alan produced all the visual effects and helped with the overall polishing. He did have me do some masking and photo shopping with the hand scene.
    Strawberry Eggs is about a man who needs a job in order to pay his rent. He decides to try to get a job at the local high school as a gym teacher. Unfortunately, the school only hires female teachers. Hibiki, with the help of his land lady, decides to pose as a women in order to get a job at the high school and prove to the school that men can be just as good as teaching as women. It is when he starts teaching he meets Kuzuha
    The relationship between Hibiki and Kuzuha is a complex one. As a female, Hibiki directly supports Kuzuha and eventually begins to love her just as Kuzuha begins to love Hibiki. As a male, Hibiki watches Kuzuha from a far because Kuzuha is too afraid to go near him. The relationship between the two characters becomes a little muddy when they start to feel some sexual tension for each other.
    The main challenge for Alan and me was to show that the Male Hibiki and the Female Hibiki are the same person. We fabricated a few scenes in order to help show the connection. I not sure how well we accomplished this.

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