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  • Member: StarMasayume
  • Studio: StarInMyPocket Productions
  • Title: What Makes the Monkey Dance?
  • Premiered: 2004-06-16
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    • Chuck Prophet What Makes the Monkey Dance
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  • Comments: This video was totally random, done in the spur of the moment, but pretty hilarious. It's "mock" serious. When staying at a friend's house in Orlando, I was showing her the basic process of making amvs so she could try and make her own. We had just rented Fushigi Yuugi OVA (the sequal to FY), so I ripped footage from that and made a few clips, we searched through a couple of default songs that my friend had on her computer and found "What Makes the Monkey Dance?" We immediately burst out laughing listening to it, so brough it into Primere... there, the magic began. ^__^ So then I went back and got a bit choosier with getting clips. It was the most fun I've yet had making an AMV. Everything was falling into place.

    Since I was leaving for home within a day or so and wouldn't have a chance to complete it once I did, I ended up working on it non-stop until 6:30 the next morning. Finally went to sleep around 8 in the morning after reading some of my friend's Love Hina Manga and did the finishing touches to the vid when I woke up (around 7 ^_^;;). Ended up packing at 4 in the morning, working on the amv more and finally exporting/compressing it (planned to leave at 12 the next day... didn't expect to wake up). Went to sleep again at 8 in the morning. Woke up three hours later, sitting in bed, thinking about those tiny little synching problems in the vid as if it was something dead and gone and relized it wasn't too late to edit some more.. few hours left... got up, worked on that more. Needless to say, I was late leaving home.

    Phone call to my mom in the afternoon:
    Me: Mom, we're going to be a little late leaving.
    Mom: All right. What happened?
    Me: Um.. kind of finishing an anime music video.
    Mom: That better not be the only reason
    Me: *silence* =)

    Aside from the few lyp-synched parts in My Girl, I'm considering this my first serious attempt with Lip-synching throughout. I just hope you find it just plain fun to watch! ^_^ It centers around Tasuki, one of my favorite (and, in my opinion, the comedic) character from FY. Opinions welcome! Download and enjoy ^_^

    4th AMV - June 2004
    X-viD | 4.20min | 82 MB

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