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  • Member: kitsunebeolnet
  • Studio: Streamliner Studios
  • Title: Ode to Idiots
  • Premiered: 2004-06-13
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    • Wierd Al Yankovic Genius in France
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  • Comments: When I completed my last AMV (Naota had a Pimple), I asked for comments to help give me an idea what to fix for my next planned video. I received 2 opinions, neither of which were very useful. The first one from A.H. may have intended to help but really didn't get the idea across and we had a difference of opinion on how we wanted it to look. The second from squirrelyacorns was a total waste of time for both of us. Either way, these two shot me down when I was riding pretty high over my first 3 videos. I took my battered ego over to the forum and got my spirits lifted a bit by Herbert West (Who clarified some of what A.H. was commenting on.), Unsent Vibes and Bakadeshi. Most importantly, I was reminded that not every video is going to appeal to everyone. This video is dedicated to all above named and also to anyone else who poured their heart into an AMV and received a crappy rating or review. Remember - Revenge is a dish best served after its simmered awhile. :)

    Notes about this video - This sucker clocks in at nearly 9:00 so if you suffer from Attention Deficit Disorder, this isn't for you. Once again I used too many long scenes in an attempt to pad out the parts I hadn't scripted. I sit down with the lyrics and make notes on specific scenes I want with my videos. I know I can make a video out of a song when I have about half of the lyrics assigned to scenes. Yes, this means I usually have a half-a$$ed video. :) This gives my friends a break when they are too busy laughing at the last 'big joke'. (I had to show 'Chihuahua' 5-6 times in a row to my friends because they were laughing so hard they missed too many jokes. I do aspire to THAT someday.) I actually attempted some lip synching here but I really need to invest in Premeire to get it right. I'm still using Ulead Video Studio 6SE. A 'free' program I got with my last digital camera and a good set of 'basics' now that I've gotten the hang of them. Part of the problem with using the long scenes here was that by the 6:00 mark, the program was noticibly dragging and I was afraid of a major crash. (I have a P4 2.4 with 512mb memory, a 128mb video card and STILL get crashes with some of the software I've tried out to see if its any better than UVS6SE.) I am pleased at the quality of the final cut, managing to keep it under the 100 mb local hosting limit and still have 'good' video quality. For those with dial-up connections and have just choked over hearing its 'only' 90mb - good gravy, what is the hold up? Broadband IS the way to go! I am somewhat annoyed with the DVD footage though. I noticed lines on other Photon videos and thought it was bad capture, this is the way it comes out no matter what anyone does. (I tried to capture the video using about 10 different codecs and formats without any luck at getting rid of the lines.)

    Well, Enjoy!

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