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  • Member: staces
  • Title: Nothing Lasts Forever
  • Premiered: 2004-06-12
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    • Cheryl Crow My Favorite Mistake
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  • Comments: This vid was made from only the third Kizuna OAV, which is not liscenced and so you have to understand the the quality isn't DVD, hell it isn't even VCD. ^_^;; Better than some of my vids though! So if you can stand the capture in my After School in the Teacher's Lounge, and Legend of the Blue Wolves one this should be no problem! ^_^ My main gripe is that whoever fansubbed it had a migrating logo, sometimes it would be in the upper left hand corner, other times in the right and half the time it wasn't even there. So even though there aren't any subtitles I apologize for the annoying little logo.

    If you've seen the third OAV and have heard the song you'll probably understand how they are like MADE for eachother, it's creepy when you think about it 0_o. I did my best to convey that mood that they both share but with 20 something minutes of footage (and over half of that burried in subtitles) it was definately a challenge.

    Overall I'm fairly pleased with it. I'm immensly happy with my action synching and my use flash transitions (it's a hassle to make them in WMM but it's worth it). ^_^

    Well I hope that you enjoy this vid, and as fair warning it is YAOI (gay, homosexual, shounen-ai, queer). So if that it's your cup of tea please press the back button on your browser now. ^_^;; Also I apologize to Enjoji fans (hey I'm apologizing to myself!) but he got kinda bastardized in this vid.

    You know what surprised me though? I had to actually enter this song into the catalogue and there were only two other Cheryl Crow songs listed? What's wrong with everyone?!?! Her music is great and many of the lyrics are perfect for AMVs. . . Okay, I'm done ranting now. ^_^;;


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