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  • Member: TheNanashi
  • Studio: Nanashi Studios
  • Title: Irises Smell Better In The Rain
  • Premiered: 2001-12-09
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    • Bjork Hunter
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    ****This is my first video with Adobe Premiere 6.0, and god I love it! Sorry if there is not much info, im trying to be all suspenseful about releasing my vid...All I can tell you has Kenshin in it, lots of Kenshin. I should be done with this AMV by the end of November.****

    ****OK, the Vanila Ice thing, that was a joke, sorry, hehe, who in there rights minds would even mix Kenshin and Vanila Ice****

    ****it is finished as of sorry if the quality is a bit off par but, the footage is from my Kenshin OVA VCDs and for some strange reason some clips look better than others, although i tried real hard to make it look as good as possible, im sorry I dont have the DVDs, it will be on here as soon as i find a place to get it hosted****

    - this is my second AMV and it uses the Kenshin OVAs, i hope you enjoy
    - This video is my attempt to convey the feelings and emotions I get when i watch the Kenshin OVAs. I dont know about anyone else, but I feel so down and depressed after watching the 4 parts(thank god for the light-hearted series), and I wanted to show a really depressing side to the show, just raw emotion, i chose Bjork's song Hunter because I felt that it showed what kenshin was, a hunter, one man trying to change the world, searching, longing, and looking for something. Plus bjorks music just rocks. I made this AMV with Adobe Premiere 6.0 and my collection of Kenshin VCDs...i know, i know...but I dont have the DVDs yet...sorry...the quality is average at full screen and pretty good when in other modes. I hope you enjoy watching it,cuz i sure enjoyed making it. Sorry that I still haven't gotten it hosted, im in the process of that now.

    ****I can't stress this enough, please leave OPINIONS, cuz it really helps me, and if you leave an opinion, I will do my best to return the favor to one of your vids. Thx.****

    ****For everyone out there that thinks I messed up on the title, well I did, kinda, the correct gramatical way to say what i was trying to say is "Irises smell better in the rain", but I took the title from the kenshin OAV fansubs and someone had told Tomoe that "Iris' smell better in the rain", I didnt question the grammer in that, so sue me, but thx to AbsoluteDestiny for pointing it out, I will be checking all grammer from now on.****

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