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  • Member: Unlimited Rice
  • Studio: Sharingan Eye Productions
  • Title: Rush
  • Premiered: 2004-06-07
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  • Song:
    • Reveille What You Got
  • Anime:
  • Comments: OK, um.. yea.. this video would've never existed if Dreamcon didn't put up a rule of 4 min. max.. ARGH!! I just hope it gets at least put up for show ^_^

    Anyways.. yea.. i had 2 weeks.. and wuz like.. "darn.... hmm.. i'll just use this common song right here." and tried to start working on it(since.. I had all these gaara vs lee clips ready for a different video which was canceled..-_-; ) .. Well.. my Render>Preview didn't work and the week i started was finals.. so... i paused for a bit.. and then jacon came after.. so i wuz gone for the weekend too..

    so.. when i got home.. i started on it quick.. and almost 5 days later.. i finished it.. and waited another 5 days to mail it.. "WTF??"

    Yea, I made some new learning use of the Track Mattes transparency ^_^.. you know.. those color bars moving across the screen ^_^

    Anyways.. yea.. I still enjoyed the vid.. when I finished.. and the audio's editted for the AMV contest... ^_^ I wuz gonna reexport it with uneditted audio.. but it takes too long for the exporting process and stuff, so you guys are stuck with this!! Mwuahahahaha!!

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