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  • Member: hexed
  • Studio: Murder Studio
  • Title: It Gets Better
  • Premiered: 2004-06-05
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    • Good Charlotte Hold On
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  • Comments: Well, I made another video. A few things inspired me to make them. One, I've made only Dragonball Z and Naruto music video, or atleast that I can remember of. I wanted to use an anime I have never used before to be more original in my anime choice for a music video. Two, My brother just got done with his "Grave of the Fireflies" music video and I wanted to get one out too. Three, My brother just recently got done with a video with the same song I used for this video. He hasn't uploaded it on yet, and I wanted to upload this video before he uploaded his video with the same song.

    Here's the story on how I got the music video idea. It was 2003, about a year ago(today being june 3), and the 2003 DBZSC AMV Awards were going. I watched VegettoEX's "What it is to Burn." If you didn't see the awards, 007 Vegita, the guy runing the awards, made his own video with clips from the other videos, but with different songs to announce the winner. He used 'When I'm Gone" by 3 Doors Down. I thought "Hold On" by Good Charlotte would have worked better. Afterwards, I decided to watch the anime to see if the video would be makeable. My brother bought the movie, so I watched it. I thought to myself, the video could be made, and it might be kind of easy.

    The video Has the song "Hold On" by Good Charlotte. The video is about Seita and everything he has to go through after his mom dies and his house is burned down and he has no where to live. The song flows good with this character profile. There was one problem I had to deal with. The song is directed towards someone who has lost someone they loved and they have to live with the lost. Yeah, that fits Seita nicely, but I thought it would be bad showing him die at the end when the lyrics go "Hold On, if you feel like letting go." I wanted to give the video more meaning, instead of just making a video that makes people sad. I had to change the theme a little bit. I did so through a slow transition through out the video. I tried to use "Hold on, if you feel like letting go." from a different perspective. I tried to make it show him loseing his sister and then him being reunited with his sister in the after life. When the lyrics "Hold on if you fell like letting go" were recited, I tried to show him sad about his sister's deathn and make it seem he feels like "letting go." The when the lyrics, Hold on, it gets better than you know" I showed Seita and his siter being reunited in the after life. I felt the term "It gets better then you know" went well with that. And the term, "Hold on" saying hold on to your sister's love.

    Well, here's the lyrics/scenes break down.

    "This world, This world is cold"
    That scene shown was when Seita overherd a man talking about the war being fought. The man said a ship attacked and nobody survived and it was the ship where Seita's dad was stationed at. Seita asked the man if he knew anymore information on the sinking of the ship. The man said no but as if he just didn't want to bother with Seita. Seita grabbed him by the collar and begged him to tell him any information about the ship's sinking. The man knocked him down and basicly told him to fuck off. The next scene shown after the singer finished singing that line was when Seita and his sister, Setsuko, were eat rice at, I think it was their aunt's, or some other reletive's house. She started bitching about something I can't remember. Then she started saying you should be thankful I lit you eat my rice, when it was Seita's rice, she just cooked it. Stupid bitch.........

    "But you don't, You don't have to go"
    This scene was after Seita got the shit kicked out of him by a farmer because Seita tried to steal some crops from him. The farmer took him to the police station, but the cop had some sympathy for Seita and let him go after a few questions. When he got back to his "home," he was crying and his sister asked him "Where does it hurt big brother?" or something really sad. He started to cry alot more and wrapped his arms around his sister. This is where the transition to another theme I was talking about starts. When I heard the lyrics, "But you don't, You don't have to go" I said to myself, yeah you have a little sister to look after. So it's more like "you can't go." Since she was his little sister, everything he lost, she lost too. The house, their parents, a place to live. They only have each other and he has to play the adult in her life since both fo their parents are dead and he has to hold on.

    "You're feeling sad, you're feeling lonely, and no one seems to care"
    This scene was after everything happened and he's about to die. His sister died and now he has no reason to live. He's sitting on the street while people walk by and "No one seems to care." Since his sister died and she was the only reason he was living, he probably feels pretty sad and lonely.

    "You're mother's gone and your father hits you"
    This one's a given. His mother does really die in the movie, as I've said before, so it was easy to find a scene to match thoes lyrics. I showed the clip of his mother being carried away on a strecher, just about to die. Now on the part "And your father his you" that wasn't actullay his father, it was the farmer I mentioned earlier. Seita's father isn't even shown through out the movie, except for a few times when Seita pulled out a picture of him.

    "This pain you cannot bear"
    This scene is on the day before Setsuko, his sister, dies. She dies from either starvation or not eating enough healthy food. She's trying to eat the rocks in her hand before Seita gets there and tries to feed he some fruit candy or something. He's about to pull out a watermellon he stole to feed her. She saids something sad and depressing and he stars to cry.

    "But we all bleed the same way as you do"
    I'm not completely sure what that line means, but I think it's basicly saying, we're all humans and we all have emotions, so it's normal to be sad. I showed, what it looked liked to be, blocks of wood on fire being dropped on the city. Since it's happening to the city, he's not the only one going through it, obiviously, so this scene seemed like it would fit it well.

    "And we all have the same things to go through"
    Well, pretty much the same as the as the line before, but a little different. It's still saying, your not the only one, other people are going through what you are, but it's something different. It's saying, we all have people we loved and we have to take care of them now and deal with the hard ships ahead.
    I showed scene switching to the drum beats of Seita and his sister. The part afterwards is ripping of VegettoEX's "What it is to Burn" a little bit when Seita is trying to light a match. I had him strike the match bow twice and in sync with some drum beats and VegettoEX did the same thing in his video.

    "Hold on if you feel like letting go"
    This scene is right after Setsuko died and Seita is burning her body. He probably did feel like "letting go" knowing tht it was pretty much his fault she died, even though he do everything he could to take care of her, except one thing. If he would have swallowed his pride and apologized to who ever it was him and his sister were living with for a brief time, and he could have had a place to stay and Setsuko would have probably lived.

    "Hold on it gets better than you know"
    This is where the transition takes a huge jump. I might have already mentioned it, but I used "Hold on, it gets better than you know" in the way of saying, hold on to your sister's love, don't let got. In the after life, they're reunited and that's where I got the idea of showing this scene when he saids "It gets better than you know." He goes through hell with his sister, but he never lets go of his love for her. After he dies is when it get's better. This is also how I came up with the title "It Gets Better", it is the main theme of this video.

    "Your days, You say they're way too long"
    It was hard to find a scene for this line. This was the best I could do. In this scene, Seita is watching a wealthy family laughing and having a good time. He's probably wishing he could live like that and he has to go through thinking like that everyday. This was my theory on that.

    "And your nights, You can't sleep at all, Hold on"
    This scene is right after Seita burned his sister's body and he's just lying on the ground, thinking, and looking to the sky. So, this scene takes a literal turn, by showing him actually trying to sleep but can't with all that's on his mind

    "And you're not sure what you're waiting for, but you don't want to no more"
    Well, in this scene, I though it would be a good idea to show him just sitting there waiting to die. I thought when he sung the line "But you don't want ot no more," it would be dramatic if I showed him fall down like he he did.

    "And you're not sure what you're looking for, but you don't want to no more"
    This scene is after Seita runs away after that guy pushes him down. seita pulls out a picture of his dad, looks at it, and starts to cry. I'm not sure why, but I felt that scene went well with the lyircs being sung. I felt Seita was waiting for his father to return, but when he found out his dad was dead, he isn't anymore, and I thought that's what the lyrics were saying in a way.

    "But we all bleed the same way as you do"
    I showed Seita getting his ass beat by the farmer, because we all have to deal with this situation one time or another in our lives. Even though Seita brought it on himself, I thought I should use this scene.

    "And we all have the same things to go through"
    Well, the same thing as the line before, we all have to go through hardships in out lives. I showed him beat up, with alot of bruses and stuff. Then switching scenes of him when he has to go through bad stuff, like his mother dying, his sister getting ill, etc.

    "Hold on if you feel like letting go"
    This is where the second, and main, theme takes affect. I showed him hold his sister and feed he food. I was trying to show how he always looks after his sister, and always tries his best to take care of her. Ugh........I don't feel like typing right now.

    "Hold on it gets better than you know"
    Well, with this scene, I showed him when he went to the doctor to have his sister checked and find out to help her. The doctor said he can't help her. That scene goes good with the lyrics, then I showed him feeding his sister. More hardships which he has to overcome.

    "Don't stop looking, you're one step closer"
    The cool thing about this scene is, I didn't edit the clip at all, it just flowed nicely without me having to do anything to the clip. On "Don't stop looking" I showed him run down the hill looking for his sister and on "Your one step closer" I showed him pick up the doll, which makes since if you think about it. He's looking for his sister and finds her sister's doll, he's one step closer to finding her. Then on "Don't stop searching," he lifted up his head and started looking around for his sister. The clip wasn't edited at all, it just flowed like that.

    "Don't stop searching, it's not over"
    Well, I already talked about the "Don't stop searching," but on "It's not over," I showed him find his sister. The scene went good with the lyrics because, when he found his sister, he thought she was sead, but she wasn't.

    "Hold on"
    That's the scene where he runs away after he found out his father is probably dead. Yet another hardship he has to experience, but he has to "Hold On."

    "What are you looking for?"
    Well I went to the beginging of the movie where he was looking for his mom in the hospital. He's looking for his mother, the line askes what are you looking for, yeah, pretty self-explanitory.

    "What are you waiting for?"
    Here, I just showed him waiting for nothing. He's just siting around with his sister aftger he see's his mother in the hospital. What makes this scene more dramatic is he's not waiting for anything, so he wouldn't really have an anwser if someone really did ask him that.

    "Do you know what you're doing to me?"
    Ok, honestly, I thought he was saying "Do you know what to do with the pain," showed I showed him standing there and I used a transparency effect to show his mother when she was being tossed into the pile of bodies in the background.

    "Go ahead...What are you waiting for?"
    Here, when he saids "Go ahead" I thought he said "God help," but, oh well. Then I showed him sitting on street again when he sung "What are you waiting for" Then some scene switching of him going through abunch of stuff through out the movie.

    "Hold on if you feel like letting go"
    Here, I showed him wipping his tears off his face to show he's beinga man about what's going on. He may cry, but he'll still move forward.

    "Hold on it gets better than you know"
    I showed him trying to feed his little stster something, but she's too weak to eat anything. Then I showed the scene of them at the beach having fun. I have it in black and white, because it made it more dramatic and seem like it wasn't real, or something like that. Like the scene of them at the beach wasn't real, like it was just a dream or scene from the future.

    "Don't stop looking, you're one step closer"
    Well, he's looking for food to feed his sister, he looks in the bag and pulls out something. Not much to say there. That, or I just don't feel like typing much right now.

    "Don't stop searching, it's not over"
    On "Don't stop searching," I showed him get out the food he was looking for. Then on "It's not over," I showed him try to feed his sister but she wouldn't eat anything. The he lays her down to sleep.

    "Hold on if you feel like letting go"
    This is where I tried to show some drama and theme. I had him holding on to her while she was sleeping. "Hold On," being in the lyrics made it look real good. Then to "If you feel like letting go," I showed him putting his sister in the wooden crate he burns her body in. she'a dead, so he probably feels like he has nothing to live for right now.

    "Hold on it gets better than you know"
    Then I showed him burn the crate. I felt the part where it shows him in the distance helped emphasize the drama. Not much eles to say there.

    "Hold on"
    Here he's holding on to life by the last thread. He does adventually die, then he's reunited with his sister after he dies, which was the theme of the video. You may lose you life, but don't loos your sister's love, it's all you have now.

    Originality: Well, It's not original, but not horrorably unoriginal, just in between

    Visual: Quality is pretty good, but crappy at part, like when it's flashing black at 2:34, it looks like shit. I really need to learn how to get the best quality with the file size arround 60 megs, like VegettoEX's and MeriC's videos. If anyone could help me out with that on my next video, I would really appreciate it.

    Sound: Sound quality is perfect or near perfect. I always extract the song off the CD, so my audio quality is always at it's best.

    Synch: Timing is pretty good in this video, but at some points, I sacrificed timings to exphasize the drama. I also learned how to get your timings right on the perfect spot while making this video.

    Lip: There in none in this video, which is good, becuse I suck at lip syncing, but I'm learning.

    Effects: None really, unless you count all the flashes and fading to black. Well, I did use a black and white effect, but thats about it.

    Effort: I put alot of effort. Mostly trying to find the right clip for every scene.

    DONE!!! Wooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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