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  • Member: Resk
  • Title: Passage
  • Premiered: 2003-06-22
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    • Enya Book Of Days
  • Anime:
  • Comments: Final Fantasy VI has always been a challenge for AMV creators, because of the extreme shortage of clips that the game presents us with. Three FMVs in total to be exact, with many identical scenes in all three of the clips. This is perhaps the reason why FFVI is done very rarely as an exclusive. However, it can be done.

    Book of Days has been a very interesting song to work with, and originally this video was going to be made to the Gaelic version. However, the lack of lyrics offered me a lot of obstacles regarding clip placement, and so the english version was the one I decided to go with. However, as there is limited material for FFVI, I had to shorten the song by about a minute, by cutting out a section in the middle (not to successfully I might add). While this shortend the song, it allowed me to tll a story with the clips, without having to repeat any of them.

    For the video itself, the editing is very smooth, providing nice transitions from clip to clip without being too jarring or distracting to the eye. At the same time, the clips attempted to follow the mood of the song, more centered upon the volume rather than the lyrical significance. This can be seen with the somewhat storytelling clips in the first half, and the more action-sequenced clips in the second half.

    By far, my favourite part of this video is the very last clip. One sound I always loved in this song was the castanet. And so I knew I had to try and match up that sound (especially at the end) with a significant clip, and Terra's face rising into a white fade really hit it spot on.

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