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  • Member: DarkSchneider
  • Title: Crimson
  • Premiered: 2004-05-30
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    • ill nino How Can I Live
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  • Comments: After a long time of not doing a video of this type, I had finally returned to a familiar genre with a vengeance! Fatal Frame 2 was a very unique game for me. Sure, in Resident Evil, you could blast away zombies with a shotgun and the same could be said for the Silent Hill series too. But nothing is more unique than practically being unarmed and runnin around a village with a menagerie of ghosts and ghouls that are out to get ya! (Okay, technically you ain't unarmed, but people that have played this before, you know what I mean.) And while I was working on unlocking everything in the game, like I do with the Resident Evil games, I suddenly decided to try a Fatal Frame AMV.
    Finding the perfect song is always a pain though. At that time, one song I considered wouldn't have worked though. I planned to use Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" from the Edward the Great Greatest Hits CD, however it was 8 minutes long and a live version. I had no problem with it being Live, but the time alone made it practically impossible, but it might've been had I had Fatal Frame 1, which I'm still trying to find. After a while, I was downloading Actual Music Videos off of KaZaA and I came upon Ill Nino's "How can I Live" Music Video, and that song was it! For some reason, the Music Video version seemed more suited than the CD version, so I ripped the audio from that Music video and used it to make the AMV.
    But I must confess about one thing, when I began cutting and pasting on Adobe Premiere, one thing came to mind. This idea was also actually inspired by a video I had seen at Nekocon 6, and it featured Fatal Frame 1 footage to an orchestra track from Guilty Gear. The title of that video was called "Mansion of Tragedy" and looking back on it, that's what got me interested in the game Fatal Frame. There were times where I couldn't place certain scenes in certain places, and there were even times where I thought it wouldn't be made. But after awhile and a few sleepless nights, I finally finished the video. About 60% of it uses the promo vid seen at E3(which was also on the disc) but I think that added greatly to the feeling of the video. In the end, you use what you can get!
    All in all, I think I made a good return. The last "Scary/Horror" vid I did was "What a Nightmare" and I thought I was finished. But one thing is good to know, I still got it when it comes to horror AMVs. Right now, I'm thinking I can still do a Fatal Frame vid to Iron Maiden's "Fear of the Dark" but in order to make it happen, I'd need Fatal Frame 1 as well to bring out the true feeling, also I'd have to learn how to rip real time too. ^_^! So I guess that's something I should work on. But until that time, enjoy this one! Oh yeah, and since it's almost that time, let me say this, Happy Halloween 2004! Enjoy! And look for this vid at Nekocon 7's AMV contest!

    -- WARNING - The following video may be a bit scary for some people, plus this video is potentially spoiling. So I say, Download at your own risk. --

    -- WINNER --
    Best Technical Video(Nekocon 7)

    -- Conventions Premiered at: --
    Ani-magic 2004
    Nekocon 7

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