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  • Member: Pyle
  • Title: Brother, My Brother
  • Premiered: 2004-05-28
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    • Blessed Union of Souls Brother, my brother
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  • Comments: This video was created rather quickly, as was the idea for it. The reason I used Makenshi as the main character is because of just how interesting he is as a character. He's also even more badass then Kenshin and Arucard put together.

    Anyways, you shouldn't need to be told the story, but here goes. Makenshi(the guy in white), aka Kumo, is visited by his brother Madoushi(the guy in red), who has been killed in his past and wants to fight Makenshi. While Makenshi has no wish to fight him, Madoushi continues threatening him until inevitably a battle occurs.

    The video depicts his story. Throughout most of the series, all you really get to see is Makeshi setting sideways on a throne 30 feet about the floor. This is one of the few episodes of emotion for him, so I had to use it as well as I could.

    The video has rather beautiful animation, but it's fairly monotnous until the fight scenes start halfway through. Hope you enjoy it!

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