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  • Member: nailz
  • Studio: Goat Productions
  • Title: Embracing Loves Isolation
  • Premiered: 2004-05-25
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    • Agalloch A Desolation Song
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  • Comments: As always, part, if not all, of this video is a personal reflection on myself and the happenings in my life. I've been hanging on to this one for a while.

    Hm.. where to start with THIS gem? I suppose I'll just dive right in because hell, thats what I do. I notice there's a lot of hate and arrogance on this site, and pretty much throughout every day living. One big knocker is sexuality. People will say "OMG HOW GAY" and "Fucking Faggots" and shit like that without ever really understanding what they're saying, or really, worse, knowing exactly what they're saying. Too many times do I see "I hate gays, they're so disgusting." and other neurotic posts on forums, in chat rooms, etc etc etc, and then you'll get the uncaring yet politically correct offended poster/chatter who will jump in valiently with "OMG YOU ARE SO CLOSE MINDED" and while with every good intention, said hero is probably simply masking embarrasment and attempting to save face for themselves. It's like your racist friend who calls a black woman a nigger while you're with him, and you appologise profusely, not because you care, but because you're embarrased for yourself.

    So thats what I see. There are very few videos on this site to my knowladge (however limited that may be) that deal so ... pardon the rediculious pun.. so openly with homosexuality in a way thats not all about sex. Yah, you've got your Yuri and Yaio and whatever MJ currently decides would make a nice big tit lesbian performance video, but nothing that really delves into the psychosis of it all. I don't think anyone can really comprehend how hard it is growing up gay in a straight world without experiencing it first hand, much like a white person couldn't imagine what it must have been like growing up a black slave. I look at Lain, and I watch the series, and I see this connection between her and Arisu, and I think wow. Being gay is the same heartbreak, it's the same bad feeling, it's the same pressures and pains with the added bonus of getting constantly ridiculed, judged, ragged on, and I don't think there's a lot of people out there who understand how difficult it must be to deal with not only society, but with yourself.

    I was going to explain the video progression, but I think it's pretty self explainatory.

    Maybe, just maybe, someone will watch this video and think to themselves "Wow, I never really thought of it like that." or something to that effect. If that happens, I suppose I can consider myself having done some good in this world. .. but seriously, enjoy the video now that you have a fair understanding of the concept in it.

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