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  • Member: iserlohn
  • Studio: Iserlohn Productions
  • Title: Overture to Eva
  • Premiered: 2000-10-04
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    • The Who Overture from "Tommy"
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  • Comments: A story! It works! Anime Music Videos CAN have a plot!

    This one was discovered by accident. I had too much free time one day and was listening to my broadway cd's of The Who's Tommy (this is the version used in the music video rather than the actual Who album) and started noticing a LOT of parallels to Eva. If I ever have the free time and free cash to get the rest of the DVD's I'll try to do the whole series in parallel. Kinda like the wizard of oz and Pink Floyd.

    I was disappointed with the ending. The music expects to go on but I had to make the video conclusively end - I find instrumental vids get long after 5 min, even with as much variation as the Overture has. So the ending was forced and rushed and sucks but the rest of the vid is cool IMO.

    Now's a good time to mention how I make vids as well. I tend to find one scene that I want to be perfect. The rest of the video can suck but this one scene must be there and must be amazing. And it was. This time it was the launch of Unit-01 which was set to the strains of Pinball Wizard. For anyone who's seen the stage version of Tommy (the movie has a different piece used for the opening instead of the overture proper) the father is going off to war during the song and the music reaches a climax with the sounds of war and a 20 piece orchestra and suddenly drops to one guitar doing the opening chords to Pinball Wizard. In the video the angel's attacking, they're getting ready to launch, and suddenly we see shinji flying up the tube cringing. It's an attempt to make an emotional match as well as a plot one.

    A few more comments.

    this was once again overcompressed, and off of the ADV dvd as well, so the picture quality's not great. at least it was ripped to 640x480 this time instead of 352x240 VCD.

    All of the plot points synch up to sections of the instrumental, and the point is to tell the story of the first episode of evangelion. Sadly enough, I don't have my booklet with me that has all of the parts of the overture listed (some of them have vastly different instrumental setups than the songs themselves when they show up in the show themselves.)

    Notable parts:

    See Me Feel Me: It's important in Tommy but sounds whiny. It's when the attack on the angel is truly hopeless.

    Go To The Mirror: This was the last ditch attempt in Tommy, one of the last ditch attempts in Eva (the N2 missile.) This scene is shown out of order intentionally in the video (the events in the video aren't in the order of in the show) because it just looked cooler that way. The tokyo-3 shot was used because I needed a clip. The showing of Eva-01 was jumping the gun but it needed happen somewhere...

    At 1 min 55 seconds you can hear my bad audio cutting. There was a sequence that had dialogue, and since there's no wedding in this episode of evangelion or anything appropriate in relation to the video it went out the window. I tried my best to cut the song so it would stay on beat, but I always hear the cut.

    Listening to You: I tried to time this to the sound effects but was consistently off by a short bit for most people's tastes. It's A-effect. Really. Actually I just had funky timing on the synch points. IE the I-Beam hits the window that Gendo's looking out of, I wanted the synch to be when the shake happened, not the breaking steel bar. I still missed most of the synchs by a couple beats though. The loading of eva 1 was synched pretty well IMO, the idea was to hit an effect on each fanfare.

    Pinball Wizard: The whole video is based on this scene. The music builds, the tension of preparing everything builds and bam, it gets real quiet and all we see is eva-01 rising up from underground. In the play this is when all the soldiers parachute from an airplane, so it's another link there.

    The ending was forced. If I bought the rest of the DVD's and got the rest of my projects done that I needed to finish I'd do the rest of Tommy to Eva, there's a LOT of similarities.

    This video has reached 10 reviews and has therefore been retired from downloading status. The only way to get it now is to find someone else who has a copy or get a reel CD from me at a con.

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